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I liked the movie... except that most of the fight scenes occured at night! Geez, why not getting half the fights occuring in the day?

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@JiCi: I totally agree. Too much rain and all at night. I liked the movie but I didn't love it. I'd say all the characters were okay at best with the one stand out being Idris Elba. The two scientists were a little wacky but I didn't think they were too over the top. Maybe in the next film we can get some more edginess like in some of Guillermo del Toro's other films like Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage.

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So I just watched the trailer

does look a lot like Evangelion

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I haven't seen it yet. I don't see a lot of movies in theaters much anymore. Not with high ticket prices, and all the annoying people in the theater. I have a really nice big screen at home with a blu-ray player attached.

I'm with Tom in that I've watched almost no trailers for this. I've only seen that first one. Trailers nowadays just show way too much of a movie, and the closer to the release day they show more.

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page to watch after this week end

if its total gets close to 190 this weekend im fairly sure we wil see another movie.

"As expected, the audience skewed younger (67 percent under the age of 35) and male (61 percent). It received a good "A-" CinemaScore; combine that with decent reviews, and it's likely that Pacific Rim has solid holds over the next few weeks. Still, it's unlikely that the movie winds up much higher than $110 million, which means that its ultimate success will be almost entirely dependent on international performance." from

Wish i could go see this . Breathing problems makes going to theathers for me any more a risk.Will based on this review ( an nice job guys) buy dvd/blueray when it comes out.

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Great review I am so stocked to see this 3d worth it? Going to have to find a group to go with...oh and how could a gang rape with 100 top models be bad...? I forget who the comedian was but the joke was that if there was a location where men could get raped by beautiful women every hour on the hour the line would be halfway around the globe....

Oh and you seriously don't think the later two matrix movies didn't suck right...I mean seriously you know how much I LOVE over the top philosophy (aka ghost in the shell) but those were even to crazy ridiculous with it even for me...

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I just got done watching the movie and it a very fun movie. I have a blast watching (way better then Man Of Steel)

Oh yeah, I didn't know Charlie Day was in the movie. (It surprise me) He was a fun character (but it feel like he was going to sell me some Kaijus Mettens LOL!)

And also when he was going into the Kaijus brain

I was thinking about this scene :)

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Fights were amazing, all the dialogue in the middle was not so good. I wish they had more backstory on the Russian and Chinese guys and more fighting in general.

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I loved the kaiju out of this movie! I can tell how much I like a film just based on how many reviews I watch, and how eager I am to get into conversations with people about it. Until now I'll still watch video reviews of it, even though part of the purpose of a review is to give an opinion on whether it's good or not; I already know!

So with all the post film review watching and discussion I got into, I did have to come to terms with a few (very few) issues with the film; but I couldn't think of a director I could trust more with such a film than Guillermo Del Toro. I just felt the love in the design of this world. I just love a director who gets into it on such a level.

Also, I'm glad that Pacific Rim gave us the byproduct of Sam doing a Charlie Day impression. I love Charlie Day and Always Sunny. Basically, he was Smart Charlie, and it's going to be hard for him to separate from such a great character, but it's OK as long as he's funny. My favorite line of his was when his fellow scientist says something hoity-toity, and he just gives a dismissive "What!?" That was good, and it felt like an ad lib.

Now Mako, who was mentioned in this review. I think all of the characters aren't deep. This is a good film, but it is a blockbuster made to appeal to the masses. I think that it tends to be that when there is an actor who does not speak English fluently, it is usually a cringy performance where we're waiting for them to just phonetically spit out the words. With Rinko Kikuchi (hope I nailed that spelling) I felt like not only did she seem to be more comfortable with English than I usually expect, but I felt like I might be seeing her in more American films after this. I don't think she's a bad actor at all. I felt like she's not a pretty face to just fill a role.

Finally, I am so surprised that Evangelion is so top of mind when most people want to compare Pacific Rim to an anime. I mean note even one Gundam comparison? Maybe I'm a fool for thinking that Evangelion was not this memorable to people in America. Toonami really did its job for anime.

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