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Topic started by No_name_here on Dec. 23, 2013. Last post by takashichea 1 year, 3 months ago.
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Post by Dream (9,131 posts) See mini bio Level 21
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My wish: more anime titles that are willing to take risks with what they offer and offering anything out of the ordinary for a premise like Aku no Hana pulled this year.

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What do I want? Something new in the mainstream media for a change. A new anime or two!

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I wish a new Dragon Ball series.

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Few things of note. http://www.animevice.com/little-witch-academia/13-1942/ from Trigger predates Kill la Kill. they did the anime production.It also meet it goals an surpased them for a kickstarter campaign for the anime sequel.Trigger plans to do the sequel before 2014 winter.

What i would give every one if i could would be more anime like winter 2013 .Diverse season with many good titles.Also the knowledge that entertainment is never a waste if its enjoyed.Very few look back on their life an thought gee i wish i didnt have fun doing this to do that.Enjoy the day an enjoy your hobby of anime.

Merry xmas to all an happy new year.

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I want a 2nd season of Attack on Titan, What is in that basement!!??, Also Can't wait to see Wolf chilldren, and Miyazaki's final movie The Wind Rises, Happy holidays!,
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My only wish for anime 2014 get away from moe and get back to the gritty though provoking storytelling that made anime popular in the first place.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I forgot to check out Wolf Children and Wind Rises. Those movies are definitely on my watch list. I was grateful to see great shows that explore human nature like Psycho Pass, Shin Sekai Yori, and No. 6 this year. Speaking of Toriko, I just got into the series this fall semester. It's a fun series. I never thought I would get into it given the premise.


  • Binbougami Ga and Sket Dance anime need to get off hiatus.
  • I hope we get a big turnout in the Vote for Your Favorite Anime in 2013! contest. It's always interesting to see different online communities having different results.
  • @Kino88: I think it take a year or 2 for Attack on Titan because the anime ended on chapter 33. The manga is at chapter 52, and it's monthly. To sate your Attack on Titan desires, there is an OVA. It covers a manga special called Ilse's Notebook. I thought the OVA was canceled when I attended the Kodansha Q & A Panel at Anime Expo 2013 where Ben Applegate stated the OVA was canceled. I guessed its release date was moved.
  • Like @Dream: and @Low: something new and bold would be awesome. The new radical shows I seen were Flowers of Evil and Samurai Flamenco.
  • I agree with Sam on longer anime series at least 13 episodes. Some 10 and 11 episode series were short like Silver Spoon.
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