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Kind of funny, Oda did make someone really close what you guys was talking about. His name is Wapol and anything he eats become part of him for a day (I think)

Also there is the main villain of One Piece (Blackbeard), that have the ability to steal a Devil Fruit

The Yamcha of One Piece is Sanji, feel Nami is more of the Bulma of the crew

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Great ideas! Maybe the name could be something silly like "Blendmend" or terrifying like "Chimera Lorde". The Amazo idea feels like something Oda has probably already planned already!

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I hum the that same One Piece song sometimes.

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a Devil Fruit smoothie?!, that's MADNESS!!!!

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So I suddenly decided to post in the Anime Vice site! I always wanted to but it just didn't happen, it's not necessarily because this challenge happened to include one of my all time favorite series... (but I am sure it helped) No it was the call to community (And a free afternoon) that caused it! These aren't the best sketches right now.. and scale is all over the place... (Really, I thought 8'1/2 by 11in would give me more drawing space in PS) I'll try to make more thoughtful v2s' later in the week, and maybe color them if it doesn't turn into a disaster on my part (lol) This was a fun project, and like a traditional thepokekid01 (YT) post, prepare yourself for a massive wall of incoming text:

Okay so, I am still trying to figure this out, but I got a first draft. (I dunno, I am still not sure with these designs)

So to keep Ziggurat from dieing from eating two devil fruits, he uses a machine to blend devil fruits, extract their powers, and fuse with his weapons and tools. Now to make all this plausible, he is a former pupil/ lab assistant to Dr. Vegapunk. Now, looking at past arcs, I think it is time for another arc where the Marines are a villain, so I going to twist things up a bit from the Punk Hazard Arc and make this guy still work for the marines. As another scientist doctor with this blending of devil fruit powers, I thought it would be good to say his inspiration of study came from a devil fruit of his own, the Maze Maze no Mi, or Blender fruit. He can rotate his hands like a blender blade and can mix up things that he holds or touches with his two hands to combine them into some combination of the two. He uses this power to hybridize devil fruit to create customized devil fruit.

These fruit that he fuses work by mixing the artificial Zoan fruits with juice samples of fruits that had be collected and studied by the Military. His problem is that he can use his power to temporarily infuse these juices into these Zoan fruits, but the powers he gets from them can't be modified, and because of this... don't always turn out the same way. Sure he can blend Akainu's magma fruit to make his juicer gun shoot lava, or Aoikiji's and shoot sheets of ice, but other fruits can leave results more to be desired. Unlike Kuma's beam attacks, the effects of the blend power just turns Ziggurat's gun into an expensive flash light, Smoker's powers just clog the gun with smog, and Sengoku's just grows hair out of the nozzle. (for example) This problem also comes into play when someone tries to eat his mixed fruit, as it just causes a person to die, as if they ate two devil fruit. If Ziggurat can figure out how to control the powers of the devil fruit, and get them to change and shift how he wants them to, it will not only give the Military an unlimited supply of devil fruit powered weapons, but also create an army of Logia and Paramecia users as well (also with potential to turn off devil fruit abilities all together, letting these users regain swimming ability in water). Also I made Ziggurat from the long arm tribe because... well, just because why not? (I thought it would be cool to see his arms flail around with his hands spinning like drills) And I gave him a hook... because I thought his long arms would make it a cool melee weapon.

This is where Chopper can come into play! Chopper has the rumble ball, a self developed medical pill that can modify his devil fruit powers to expand from the normal 3 forms a Zoan is suppose to be able to transform into, into many different kinds of transformations with many different modifications to his power, including a safer way to undergo "Monster" Zoan transformations. This is discovered by the Doctor's "adopted son", a bull who ate a Hito Hito no Mi (Model: Giant), like chopper. As the straw hat crew lands in a Greek inspired isle of Crepe, the bull's nose picks up some strange about the Zoan user in the crew, he discovers that he is an animal like him who ate the Hito Hito no Mi. Finally finding someone else like him, he instantly fanboys at the thought of someone else and spies on him quietly. His hard life as growing up as a Giant Bull-man in his in between Zoan form has caused him to be very shy and cowardly in cases of dealing with himself making him afraid to actually confront the straw hats. Of course, being Haki users, it doesn't take long before Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy detect him sulking in the shadows. Being shy, he comes out and states his situation about Chopper being the first person like him, and his desire to be friends with Chopper. Of course, this quickly leads to him becoming buddies with the straw hats, helping to guide them through the island and the neighboring lands. Eventually they run into some of the bullies this young bull-man has to deal with, as some thug young adults mock him as he shows them to the center of Crepe island. The isle of Crepe appears to be a collection of islands, but is truthfully a single island that sinks and rises thanks to the strange tides it faces from having to deal with the orbits of 3 Moons of the planet crossing paths often. This creates a labyrinth like situation, with cities that seem to change drastically overnight. This day, the match ups of land and sea forced them to cross by this bully's path, a group of kids mocking the bull-human stating they are going to become the island's hero and slay him one day, and use his head as a trophy for their glory. After the kids refuse to go away and get violent stabbing the bull with a kitchen chef knife, the straw hats scare them away with a mean look. The kids run away, but now the bull is even more worried, confusing Luffy and causing him to tell him to not be a baby. However, when they come back they see the bull-man beaten to a pulp trying to crawl back to his ship, being pursued by some pirates. Apparently these kids were the cabin boys and deck swabs of a Pirate with a 110Million dollar bounty on his head, and he with some of his members have chased down the bull to finish the job. That's when enraged Luffy, and the Straw Hats spring into action. By the time the enemy pirates realize who they are fighting, it is too late for them to back down and they get completely pulverized by the Straw hats.

This island is also known as the nest of the Sea God, where many Sea Kings gather and protect many times a year. It is said this island has something to do with the God of the Sea, and thus the God of the Sea's garden that is said to where devil fruits come from. Such is the perfect place for Ziggurat to make a lab for his devil fruit studies. As the Bull Man returns to his home in the Ziggurat's lab this time, his injuries are finally noticed by the doctor as he inquires on what happened. The bull-man clamors up knowing he'll only be punished for not only going out side, but for bothering the towns people, and says nothing. Ziggurat works out that it must be those silly pirate bullies again and mocks his cowardice. He tells him that if he wanted to solve his problem he would only need to take his rage pill that could turn him into his "Monster" form, but the bull refuses, knowing how painful it is for the user, and terrifying it makes them. (As he saw it used on the guards in Impel Down) The bull's relationship with the doctor is a damaged one, he is taken care of and shown affection when he helps Ziggurat with his experiments, but he is otherwise ignored and verbally abused by him. However, being with the straw hats this short amount of time has changed him a little bit, made him feel less shy, and less like a monster, and he blames this all on his hero Tony Tony Chopper.

He continues guide the straw hats around when one day, as Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Frankie, Brooke, and Sanji are out on a slow day, buying final supplies before they head out for good. Those bully pirates from before return with their ship, looking to pick off the straw hats one by one to capitalize on their massive bounties! The captain with the 110Million bounty explains he's gained his bounty through the deadly weapons on his ship, and even explains how he can power himself up by his ship as the front of his ship turns into a small mech, filled with many kinds of different weapons. Seeing this as an opportune time, he orders his ship to attack, as it itself transforms as well into a half-mech animal boat with many guns and mortars aimed at the Sunny. Nami, Kinemon, Ussop, and Chopper Jump out to fight as Momo tries to convince the Bull to come inside and hide with him. However, the bull has decided he will be brave like his hero chopper and stay to help them out, which puts a funny image in Momo's head as he knows that Chopper is a coward. As they fight off the pirates the Bull is seen using his strength to knock some of them away, to which the others praise him for his help. The bull is inspired as he sees his hero fight, eventually, the Straw Hats drive off the pirates again just before a beam comes out of no where and blows off a huge chuck of the bully pirate's ship. It's Frankie, Luffy, and the rest have returned. This pirate sees his plan is in trouble now as he is sent flying. Seen with his ship in pieces, and crew members holding on to the particle boards they already begin to plan a counter attack when a Giant Sea King bursts from the water seeming to go for a death blow to his crew when it falls over dead. A Marine Tanker is seen behind it, with a single woman put away two of her four swords. "If you are hungry, hurry and cut off what you want, and drag it aboard, and stop whining. We don't have much time to waste here, so don't expect to stop, we are looking to hurry up with this waste of time and be on our way" It is a very strong looking vice admiral woman with two Cyborg arms attached to her shoulder. The pirates glance up as she catches notice of them, not before ordering her men to capture and arrest them.

After the conflict, the Bull man asks Chopper about how he was able to change into so many forms with his Devil Fruit when Chopper explains the rumble ball ability. The two were alone while everyone else was sleeping, as chopper explains it in more and more detail, ideas begin to swirl in the Bull's head on how he can finally get his father to love him and to see him as not some monster experiment of his. He begs chopper for a Rumble fruit, but Chopper refuses, saying it is too dangerous for him to use as it was specifically made for his fruit, but after the refusal, the bull kidnaps chopper instead! Finally setting up for the Crepe Island Arc!


As the arc goes on the Vice Admiral decides to stay after discovering that the Rumble balls brought in by this pirate doctor can be used to fluctuate the power of the devil fruit. She uses her Men to keep the straw hats from taking back Chopper with her men, including her cute assistant who uses her Kun Kun no Mi to create deadly perfume aromas to attack, including one that can make all men do her bidding (She also has a weird quirk over falling head over heals for cute things, but she has an odd sense of cuteness: Such that she finds Momo's dragon from to be cute, but despises the way he looks as a kid and also chopper's looks). There also is a consultant to the King of Crepe, King Minos, who gets mixed up in the story, working as an adviser as well to Ziggurat to ensure his research becomes a success. This man uses the Miru Miru no Mi which allows one eye (well really both, but he controls his power to limit it to one eye, the one covered by the eye patch) to see into the future up to 10 seconds at a time for himself, or give a vision of 10 years in time to (and for) others. People who get close to him, eventually do not trust that he tells them the whole truth or shows the whole truth of their fortunes. Also to keep it in trend with 2013 anime, he uses a scissor blade, or rather two scimitars that are tied together, he uses it to cut these threads of fate his demon fruit ability creates that cause bad luck to happen to those that are tied to them. The story gets mixed up when it is discovered that Doctor Ziggurat has been conspiring with King Minos, the King of Crepe to supply him with devil fruit so that he could fight his way into Mariejois and have the World Nobles recognize him as one as well. This causes the Vice Admiral woman who see him as her underling, become enraged and see him as a traitor to the World Government. Of course, being the greedy guy he is, he also betrays King Minos so that only he can become in power, and become an underworld lord. The Dr. is held up from immediately be able to use many kinds of devil fruit powers as he discovers the Rumble Ball is tied closely to the Hito Hito no Mi, and Chopper manages to get away when it is come to realization, however, he doesn't give up as he decides to use the Bull-man's powers by hooking him up to a machine to extract some of his hito hito no mi to infuse inside the artificial Zoan fruit with his power and the collected Demon Fruit Juices.

The shit finally hits the fan when he makes many different kinds of devil fruit to power up his equipment and give him many super powered weapons to hold back Luffy, Zoro, and Frankie. Ziggurat also forces his son to take his rage pills and transform into his monster point form, which, because he is a giant devil fruit user, causes him to be Godzilla sized, rampaging wild out of control. Chopper convinces Ussop to help him calm down his former friend, meanwhile Zoro has to conquer his fear of taking on women swordsmen by defeating the Vice Admiral with Robin's help, while Nami Takes on the perfume woman while Sanji and Kinemon are useless, and eventually becomes a liability as his love for Nami is tested when she sends Sanji (and Kinemon) against her and Momo. There also is another Marine for Brooke and Jinbe to fight, but I don't have ideas for yet, and maybe another for Zoro, Sanji, and Robo before they get to their final fights. Also, as a last ditch effort the Dr. mixes all the successful hybrid fruit he created from Chopper's Rumble Ball research into one single Rainbow Devil fruit (which looks like grapes with all the colors of a rainbow) after he is driven into a corner by Luffy, however an accident befalls Ziggurat and the Adviser steals and consumes the devil fruit, with the power of 50 devil fruit infused in him, he decides to take over the king's plan and become a king among the noble. The Vice Admiral woman turns on the Dr. and the Adviser at this point, defeated from Zoro, but makes her last stand moment with her honor on the line vs. this Adviser guy, but gets defeated after a good go. However eventually all the strawhats join up against him and stop and set Luffy up to deliver the final blow. After getting defeated by the straw hats, his body begins to become unstable and his body starts to violently reject all the powers until he is left comatose and immobile, drained from every devil fruit power, including his original one. (And also somehow magically still alive and breathing although now mute and immobile... because it is one piece)

/End Arc Summery

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@thepokekid01: Seeing this is exactly what we wanted to happen :) Thanks for the contribution, Pokekid! We'll definitely highlight this kind of stuff soon!

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