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Topic started by No_name_here on Feb. 16, 2014. Last post by YotaruVegeta 1 year ago.
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I thought Psycho Pass was terrific, and I plan on watching Anohana very soon, More often than not I definitely think there should always be a Few anime each year that step out of the status quo, I also love Production IG, they created Blood the Last Vampire, though I found All the follow up story's like Blood plus to be pretty bland, however they also created Death Note,
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I heard of noitaminA because was a wiki editor, and I found he did a great job on the wiki page. It was spotlighted on FoxxFireArt's community spotlight articles. I never pay attention to TV blocks except for Toonami. When I was a new anime fan, all I pay attention was mangaka. As I work in Anime Vice and work on the anime seasonal guides in 2012, sickVisionz, Sotyfan16, and DocHaus's talk about publishers open my mind a bit. I started paying attention to publishers.

Checking the NoitaminA's wiki page, I see Noitamina airing Guilty Crown and Robotics;Notes, plenty of shows I'm familiar with. The thing with TV blocks especially from Japan, I don't see their much influence much as you watch anime on legal streaming sites. You just see the tv block logo like Toei Animation and Aniplex. The only thing I note was the audience they were going for with these shows. They have a wide audience because of the mature slice of life and sci-fi shows.

With this Vice Pit, I will include TV blocks under the overview section on the new anime series wiki pages. I always wrote this formula:

Based on mangaka's __ manga adaptation, it is directed by ____, produced by __. Then, I just add the Simulcast info under licensing.

Post by sickVisionz (4,332 posts) See mini bio Level 24

I don't think Noit can be considered underrated, unappreciated, unpopular, or anything else starting with un by any metric.

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Psycho Pass started of lousy with a lot of plot holes but as the story progress I was able to find it enjoyable. C-Control is much better than Psycho Pass (to me, at least).

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Don't forget Geneon which I would say before it went belly up had a great run of thoughtful well done shows (along with some crap undoubtedly).

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In terms of its josei and niche titles, I'd say those are quite often overlooked like Paradise Kiss, Hataraki Man, Mononoke and the TV anime take on Tale of Genji. Some of the seinen titles on the block though get a great deal of hype such as what is mentioned on C and Psycho-Pass. However even the block gets its occasional duds, such as Guilty Crown and Fractale.

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I think your pronunciation of Noitamina is just as good as any other pronunciation I've heard. How do you pronounce an English word spelled backwards and used in Japanese, anyway?

I was not aware that the Noitamina block started so long ago. I didn't see the Noitamina logo on shows until a few years ago.

My favorite of the Noitamina shows are Tatami Galaxy, Psycho Pass, House of Five Leaves, Princess Jellyfish, and Eden of the East. I've also seen (from beginning to end) Shiki, Galilei Donna, Guilty Crown, Un-Go, and Robotics;Notes.

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