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So there is apparently a HUGE Manga Entertainment fan in my home town because I went in to my local trade-in store recently and found a cache of videos like Kite, Wicked City, and a lot of other sleazy titles. I want to pick them up but I'd better do it piecemeal or else the clerks are gonna start labeling me as "the weird cartoon guy."

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I don't think this besmirched it as much as what was attracted many people to it...yeah some people think still this was what it was all about, but if the naruto stuff which really is still targeted to kids...I'm not sure a market would have been found for it.

almost done and no discussion of vampire hunter D....?

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@NickyCharisma: Depending on the version KIte is not bad. All versions of Wicked City tho is grafic.An unless they touch my food i dont give a dam what some one behind a counter thinks of me.Not that im rude to them, actualy i say please an thank you to any one in customer service .But lifes to short an regret lasts longer than worry.Double check price vs what you can get them threw amazon etc to.

Back on topic i rember when i saw 1st anime in a store.Well kinda related to the above to as it was in a music store.They had a huge amount of vhs an were switching stock to dvd.An the vhs anime was in genral still higher than the normal dvds.Rember to a girl behind the counter chating with her friend about how expensive the henti anime vs the hard R real live dvd stuff.They were to expesive for her!

Two points here. 1st anime early days hurt it self with price an still does.More so than it geting a adult rateing.Since the early days of animation their has always been "adult" stuff .Above ground an underground its always been there.Only those who want a medium of animation to stay for a certian age group can not or did not or even wil not look at it as viable story telling medium.Basicly some do not see animation as a varied medium as film in gene or scope.Cause cartoons are for kids!

One should pity them for their loss ,more so than hate them for their ignorance.

2nd point all about books an covers an judgment.True the old saying "never judge a book by its cover" is wise advice.But by nature people do.An will continue to do so.Early days of anime hurt its own cause by doing what yall talked about in the vid.In a ever changeing world people cling to stability,be it ideals or even false notions. Thus anime to some was labed preverted cartoons so to them its safe to keep it as such.That part of the market will be lost for a long time.

At one point it was so bad a friend of mine who was highly versed in comics admitied for years she thought Ghost in the Shell was just a story of a woman runing around half naked with a gun.She ment in preverted sence not in summery .Years later she learned better an became a fan of some anime.It struck me odd as it was ok for Hollywood to have that in live action an b movies but animate it an its taboo?

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Maybe I should clarify my earlier statement: I am also turned off by hyper-violence since beginning my job and so the idea of getting these hardcore titles leave me a little queasy.

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Just shows we're from the same age group as i had the exact same experiences with Manga Ent here in the UK growing up. Actually fun fact most people in the UK refer to anime as MANGA because it was so prevalently known for being that type of cartoon...the word anime has only become more obvious in the last 10 silly as that may sound.

Manga's (jap-comics) are still mostly called graphic novels in the UK still to this day mostly

Shadow Skill OVA brings back the memories

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