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Topic started by No_name_here on Oct. 8, 2013. Last post by Marshal Victory 11 months ago.
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@zaldar: would that show be Rurouni Kenshin thats only one i can think of hes talked about rcently.An its art work can be stuning.Samurai Champloo might be it to.

Dont see a right or wrong in the art vs story.its just opion .I am just saying genral rule of thumb most seem to stick with show hopeing the show stroy gets better an it has decent art. Where as if the story is great but the art lacks less even try it or stick with it.Recent example of this for me personaly would be Gatchaman Crowds stuck with it because i kept hoping the story would get better ( an it did not ) but the art style an animation were pretty good.

But i have been watching Mobile Suit Gundam an it sure is not for the art.Feels very deep sci fi an way beyond its time.So the story has kept my attention.

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@Marshal Victory: Nah, I said there is a hell of a lot more to fun than pretty visuals. I think that is accurate. If you hate or struggle to see the redeeming value of literally every element to a series outside of visuals (which I do for Kill La Kill), visuals aren't going to make it good or even tolerable. As I said, there is a hell of a lot more to being fun than pretty visuals.

I like how you felt the need to point out the importance of animation to me though. Clearly I don't value it at all.

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@sickVisionz: Well thats what struck me as odd about it.It just did not click with how i was seeing the sentence set up.Tho i think we'd both be better off using /sarc or some one else would take things to heart.

Was pretty sure ya did articles about animation.An it still reads weird to me.But then again i make no secret my struggles with the written word.Not that i have ever thought my self above error either.Actualy these days im more likey to error than be on the mark it seems.

Day Break Illusion would be a example for me that story was not bad but the art style so did not fit the story tone.But thats just opion an last i rumor i heard they do vary.

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@Marshal Victory: No I tried to look for it on you tube but don't have the time to try and find it and funimation seems to have changed their channel. It had very little action, and the samurai was pretty much a dud in that he really never had killed anyone or didn't work well. He ended up joining some sort of criminal gang I think and you found out a lot about the characters in the gang especially the leader. It was very much a slice of life show with deep characters and very limited action.

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@zaldar: I looked threw difrent sties tring a combination of samuri historical an slice of life to see if i could find any thing close.An i got nothing sorry.An that seems familar to.

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@Marshal Victory: Ha! Don't worry I am sure someone will find it eventually or I just will stop worrying about it. If I run across it again will certainly let you know. If it keeps you busy and entertained please feel free to keep looking ;).

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@Marshal Victory: I actually have mild interest in Day Break. It took me about 5 tries to get past the first episode and even now I'm struggling to get interested enough to watch the third episode, but I like the art. I like how their legs are crazy skinny but they have massive, gigantic, technicolor hair. It's visually kinda different (anything different than the norm grabs my attention, which is a big reason I checked out KlK) and the animation is cool once they fight. Having said that, I'm struggling to push through it because I don't like the characters all that much... or the voice acting... or the story... but I do like that the tone is dark.

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I think Satsuki's mother is going to be the ultimate villain of the series

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@sickVisionz: Ya hehe it took me 3 tries to get by the 1st episode an.made it to 6 i think.The art style i like but it just does not fit that story.Oil an water.But this kinda proves my point .If the art is good or intresting at least.As a general rule people will try like the show or at least hope the story gets better.

Story in that show is oddly paced.An im fairly sure they went that art style because it is contrasts with its bloody at times story.The story would have been better served with a art style like oh say Psycho-Pass .Heck it would stand out further than the characture stylish one it has now.But then they wouldnt get that comparison they may have been going after with Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

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@zaldar: Ya at this point its like looking for my glasses an cant rember where i put them (im near sighted so thats bad).I know that sounds familar but i just dont know where its at.I ll keep a eye out. To sick today to make th treck to the hospital ( would have to drive my self would be 4 hours there) ruff night fever an what not. Broncitus an sinus infection is not my main worry but that phosphorus being "dangerously" low.Lucky for me tho im not low on irony :/

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