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Topic started by No_name_here on Jan. 20, 2014. Last post by zaldar 1 year, 2 months ago.
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That makes a lot of sense, Dragon Ball is sorta like the Hobbit In the way that it preceded Dragon Ball Z, Akira toriyama obviously did not originally intend for Goku and Piccolo to be aliens while making Dragon Ball, And I agree Tom, Record of Loduss War would have been far too easy an answer,
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Hmm no I don't think the hobbit is shonen as it isn't all about battles and one battle after another and it isn't all about powering up and training. It also has a much better quality writing character development and such than shonen. Now is there anime that tries to approach this level in fantasy? Sure! Most fantasy anime tries to approach this level of sophistication and quality. Not many do however - and certainly not any shonen.

When you think about lord of the rings and the hobbit think about the books not the movies as the movies make both much more action oriented than either originally were. And I really wouldn't call Full Metal Alchemist shonen as it is more a fantasy series and not battle after battle without character development like say bleach or naruto....make sure as well to focus on the books and not the movies. The movies perhaps are more like shonen but I would still say the comparison falls apart at several points, generally around the character development and the fact it is only three movies rather than say well the lord of the rings and the hobbit were connected from the beginning and are in no way ad hoc. It was always connected and supposed to be if you look at the history of the series and all the other books and unfinished tales. (big lord of the rings nerd here). Quality is also the reason that Tolkien has survived longer the Conan stories are not written nearly as well remember that Tolkien wrote real languages added music and much better written description and world building.

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