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Topic started by No_name_here on Dec. 23, 2013. Last post by Marshal Victory 1 year, 2 months ago.
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Hunter x Hunter is also one of my favourite series. It is not as focused on fights as the other big shonen titles, but it knows how to build tension magnificently, and Togashi is great at being unpredictable. The Yorknew arc (which I'd recommend for Tom to watch before the Chimera Ant arc) had me on the edge of my seat all through. It's one of those series where anything can happen at any given moment, and you fear for every character because they could be taken out the very next moment.

Can't wait for the next episode. There has been a lot of build up for it.

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Ehh your not really doing me a favor by jumping ahead. Actualy your doing your self a diservice.

So after caching up on Detective Conan.. thats 18 years worth of anime ( 720 episodes ) an 17 movies beside the ovas as well restarting Hunter x Hunter from where i left off almsot 2 years ago .Just up to 24 atm.I said back then it could an should be the next big shonen series.

It has held up as i rember it to answer the title question.

Edit: the fairy tale aspect the child like wonder it gives is partaly because of the naration.Think of it when it starts an end the show.Its a great tool to set up a bit of wonder in the series.Sure there is more to it than that.But this is the 1st an last thing you hear in the show.It sets a tone that i miss from years gone by .When shows were in black an white .

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Feeling like we’re badgering you over the head with this so this is my FINAL WORD on the whole skipping thing

Based on previous comments on here (AV) and the youtube comments, more than 80% of us prefer you to continue with the arcs in order…that’s what we want as followers of your W&L write-ups.

HxH has been overshone for a very long time by the other big anime and you really don’t see a lot of major anime sites giving it the full discussion it really deserves, which is why I was happy to see the AV staff taking a thorough look at it.

Again this is one of the better series out there and you're already 25% through…..its not like the mammoth One Piece, catching up won’t be as painful as you think and again I think you will have PLENTY to ponder & talk about which is relevant for any ongoing anime discussion.

You’ve already gotten thru the most placid arc anyway…..i mean you’ve gone back to DBZ more than a few times and the discussions on that franchise is more than over saturated on the entire web

Catch up with the rest and find out why we are all constantly on your case about it…

Oh and having Sam talk about the recent arcs let's you have your cake and eat it too...doesn't it?

I’ll eat my pokemon hat if you regret it (crossesfingers)


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@Donwun: Agreed 100% with what ya said.. minus the pokemon hat thing.

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