How Does Studio Trigger Differ from Gainax? -- THE VICE PIT

Topic started by No_name_here on March 7, 2014. Last post by takashichea 12 months ago.
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Well to keep my broken record up I would say the count is three to 2 for similarities and differences as I find kill la kill charming...and I would rather have crazy, strange, and problematic, than tried and true (which I haven't really seen much different in that and tired but I haven't seen worst witch ever or the show here so can't say to much)

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Matt Murphy is the Studio Trigger of Vice Pit. Tom is the Gainax studio head, trying to reel him in. I love it. I slightly disagree with you Tom, although you are spot on with most of your diagnosis. While Kill la Kill is a bit of a mess, it is an enjoyable mess.

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I'm convinced that Gainax was two groups: one that really cared about making interesting content from a story perspective and entertainment point and another faction that solely cared about cool drawings and animation. When they were together, this was like a match made in heaven. So far Trigger seems like it's 100% the animation guys and they're cranking out crap and are at their best when they're hired by a production committee or studio solely to assist in animation.

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I don't have any new comments. Pretty much Tom, Matt, and sickVisionz had it down. @sickVisionz: I agree. Kill la Kill is the first big show Trigger made. It reflects their strength and weaknesses. Little Witch Academia (made before Kill la Kill as a short) was pretty good in the story and animation department. If Trigger teams up with good story writers, it would do well for them in the end.

Trigger is not in Gainax's shadow. It changed my views on them. They have the potential to make something better than Kill la Kill, something big. They made a place in the industry. Both Trigger and Production IG are great companies that excel in animation. I'll continue to follow up on Trigger.

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