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Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 24, 2013. Last post by zaldar 1 year, 5 months ago.
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I have gotten into Gundam in recent years and have gotten to the point of it being one of my favorite anime series. I have seen all the universal century material except Unicorn but am excited to see it for many reasons. On a related note, the streaming site is streaming official simulcasts by Sunrise of subtitled episodes of the long lost Zeta Gundam sequel Gundam ZZ (Double Zeta) which originally never had a US release and some backstory in Unicorn is directly related Gundam ZZ.

Although Gundam ZZ gets a lot of criticism from the fanbase because the early episodes are very comedic, I personally enjoyed it and didn't see much to dislike and was kind of a fun series in a way. If you have seen Zeta Gundam, I think you guys should give this series a try as it does give you backstory on some things between Zeta and Char's Counterattack as well as some stuff in Unicorn. I would like to see your guys take on this series that hasn't officially been available to the english audience until now.

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The line i expeted was " Ladies ask me about the Big O." Kinda also expected a censored beep an stamp every time you said Gundam.Forogt which anime did that.

On to serious stuff. Keep the microphones.It adds a certian telethon action newsih vibe.Plus for the most part can actualy hear yall way better.

Up to 7 on Mobile Suit Gundam an the thing of note is it takes itself very seriously for the most part.Pretty solid sci fi so far.Tho at times it reminds me more of star wars in tone than star treck.Two waring sides.Light sabers tho on mechs.

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So we watched the first episode of Gundum Unicorn at my anime club..and vast majority of us thought it was rather ridiculous..I mean it was incredibly predictable and at the end of the episode when the lady said Gundum at the end we all laughed. I don't know, never liked gundum...

Ah the things you say you are coming for are things I don't like about anime...if the story is generic and full of tropes not for me. Story much more important than animation. And comparing gundum to Star Trek is all most insulting, Star Trek had plot and theme that I haven't seen in Gundum.

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