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I am actually one in a few people who enjoyed this movie.

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@LHWKnight said:

I am actually one in a few people who enjoyed this movie.

Maybe it will do better on Toonami?

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This was my favorite one so far. 2.0 started down the path of bring different and this one fully embraced it in some major ways. I was mildly let down by out really being Shinji and almost nobody else, but that was the story they were trying to tell. That and the trolling in the preview after 2.0 that listed like 50 different Eva units but then the movie didn't really add any new units or pilots. Anyways fun time. I saw fansubs then saw it at a convention. The convention was the best because it was like a theater and people gasping reminded me of how much shell shock people who hadn't seen the series would have at the major reveals. I generally watch just to see what's different, especially post-2.0 where my favorite scene was tackled... and ruined due to a music choice that went for comedic irony masquerading as effective storytelling.
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1.0 was good, 2.0 absolutely blew my mind, 3.0 disappointed me big time.

I thought after 2.0 knocked it out of the park it would be a given that the next two movies would be spectacular and wed finally get the ending we all want. But no, Anno trolls us again.

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@LHWKnight said:

I am actually one in a few people who enjoyed this movie.

Well it did amazingly well commercially, so ppl must like it at least enough to see it in theaters.

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This says a lot considering I'm not the biggest Eva fan. But I prefer the original series and End of Eva over the Rebuild series after I've seen the first three films. Granted, Shinji's not a pathetic angsting mess as he was from the original series. But the character psychology from the original series is greatly toned down and character focus on anyone not a Ikari or Ayanami is downplayed greatly for the Rebuild series. We don't even know what relevance Mari is supposed to have here besides being an extra face tacked on just to say "hi, I'm a new character." The third movie even has the same issues as the original series in trying to play up Shinji and Kwaoru's strange bond as something credible to believe. Having seen enough of my fair share of anime for over a decade now, I'm not anticipating anything satisfying from the fourth Rebuild movie since it's too obvious for me at this point that the Rebuild series is more a cash grab than the mind screwing work that a depressed Anno put together nearly two decades ago.

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I had the privilege of seeing Eva 3.0 in theaters last week, and I gotta say. . . I liked it. Not love, but not loath either. I actually have my primary experience from the rebuild films, and after that exposure I tracked down the original series and especially the masterpiece END OF EVA. All that said, I agree with you Tom when you said it felt like a moment rather than a feature. It just needed twenty extra minutes to elevate itself to its contemporaries', the other rebuilds, statuses. However, in terms of pacing we don't know how this will fit into the broader Rebuild narrative. You need a breather, especially after the thunderous crescendo of 2.0. This may seem like a cop-out, but I want to wait until after 4.0 to fully judge Quickening.

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