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If it's the intro of a series of movies, it was very entertaining (SPOILER SPOILER!!! in spite of lame Mystic Gohan and the way you achieve SSG) but as a standalone film i think its only worth is feeding the nostalgia

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I really enjoyed Battle of Gods, he was too harsh on it. It had a very unique plot and wasn't repetitive like the previous ones and even went back to some of the comedy styling Toriyama had in his previous works. The movie did a good job at keeping the theme of someone better always being out there that the series had while keeping some of the comedic tones that Dragon Ball originally had back in its early days. If your a person who only watched Z and not the first Dragon Ball that just wants serious dark fight scenes then I could see why you wouldn't like this movie but if your a person like me who prefers the original Dragon Ball over Z then you will enjoy this film.

Post by katmic (574 posts) See mini bio Level 10

I am one of those people who was expecting the movie to be one epic battle after another, and while i was initially disappointing by how unserious it was i will admit that i ended up enjoying the rather relaxed and laid back tone Toriyama chose to take.

It was different from the dragon ball Z i am used to watching, and i even liked Bils as a villain, the fact that his reasons for wanting to destroy earth came down to pudding, the way the battle ended with Goku accepting defeat and even his trusty ability to pull out convenient power ups failing him. It was a fun movie, more dragon ball and less Z, and i do not think that is technically a bad thing. I can see hardcore dragon ball z fans enjoying this.

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I heard in the next movie they're going to explain that super saiyans derive their power from Midi-Chlorians

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I haven't seen Battle of Gods because, having read the synopsis, I can honestly say it does not interest me at all.

It even seems like GT works better as a parody and a satirical mirror to the fanbase.

Goku is turned into a kid after training for decades because he simply refuses to grow up, while the rest of the cast have all evolved into functional members of society. All of the future problems then stem from the fact that Goku just won't move past his selfish "get stronger" ideals.

It's the same thing in BoG, but at least where in GT the other characters were really well done, and it had an ending that did respect the franchise, in Battle of Gods it's just kind of like "well this is over... thanks for the money, dumba**"

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What a horrible, horrible , review, even though DBZ BOTG wasn't the greatest movie, the critique here was all over the place, Excessive rambling and off beat analysis, there was a reference made to Videl's unborn child being a (he) when everyone knows she had a girl (Pan). They also made reference to DBGT being canon when it's been widespread that it isn't . I don't know if those guys were on something, but all I saw was excessive trolling. I think this video should be taken down, and a real review should be posted! The movie itself wasn't that bad, but there's room for improvement.

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I'm waiting for the dub. I can't stand Goku's voice in the Japanese. Sorry, I grew up with FUNimation dub for the move. I avoided reading the comments, but I know a lot of folks are disappointed by the movie.

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@takashichea said:

I can't stand Goku's voice in the Japanese.

Same here. This was the first time I ever heard Goku's Japanese voice and I was like "What the hell is that thing?!" lol As for the movie, it wasn't bad actually. It was rather unexpected tbh. And rather funny too.

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Goku's Japanese voice is pretty bad that I can agree on. I actually enjoyed this movie a lot. I like how it was more funny than a lot of the other DBZ movies but I wish the plot was a bit more serious. I liked the fight scenes and I didn't feel that SSJ God was too dumb looking.

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tsk tsk promoting piracy...tsk tsk...

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