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It has an Intergalactic cat house called "Boobies". It looks fine ;)

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Sorry to hear about the old Vice Pit camera. It was a trooper, you definitely got a lot of mileage out of it.

On the upside, The Vice Pit is finally widescreen! The future is now! Maybe you guys should put a new intro together to mark the occasion. Honestly I usually mute the current intro -- I know that's a horrible thing to admit! But it's loud and just doesn't do anything for me, but maybe it's just me. Maybe you could commission the Real Folk Bluesman to make a new jingle?

Anyway, enough of me being an asshole. I wonder if I should watch Cowboy Bebop -- which regrettably, I have yet to check out -- before Space Dandy starts. Anyone want to chime in on that?

Here's the teaser for anyone who hasn't watched it yet:

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@Daniel_Newton: For shame, you're on an Anime site and you haven't watched Bebop? I hope your dog looks at you funny! :/

Seriously, go watch it. It's great :)

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@Daniel_Newton: Stop wondering.. go watch Cowboy Bebop.One of the few anime i prefer dubs in actualy.

As far as Space Dandy its gona be more comedy centric so no Duke Nukem that is the heavy metal acid trip of Cobra.Keep in mind its not Cowboy Bebop .Its very comeic centric acording to a intreview i read.So do not go in with the expectations of Cowboy Bebop 2.0 or ever Cobra 2.0

As far as fiting into the works of Shinichiro Watanabe? Eh if a creator is happy with their product .Enjoys the work i would say it will fit into his a portfolio very well if not broaden it .Cowboy Bebop was almost his love letter to american movies acording to him.This is to older comedy shows.

Yeah summer 2013 realy sucked for number of quality shows.An Gatchaman Crowds did sucker me in with its 1st few episodes.It like much of the season potential was wasted almsot sinfuly .Hope does springs ethernal in Fall 2013 cause it looks much better a season.

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@Daniel_Newton: I think that a NEW theme will be in order... thanks for the suggestion but it's been in the works!

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I was excited to hear that Wantabe is making a new anime, but it's Studio Bones, so it'll probably just be some lolita rubbish. Shame really.

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So should we be starting a fund to get Tom a new shirt? I think the last few episodes he has still been wearing that gorillaz shirt.

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@mooned_knight: Before my hard drives crashed an died i was trying to work on a intro using a mix of


but its all gone now.Kinda seen it with the cool intro with the base then the singing caped by the bamabo thunk thunk sound you hear in older anime for the set up to jokes or pause it was used alot in Tenchi Muyo or other comedy anime.Maybe one day ill try again :/

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