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Topic started by No_name_here on March 10, 2013. Last post by JiCi 2 years ago.
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    Post by GokaiRed (181 posts) See mini bio Level 7

    Capcom, USED TO BE great. They're going the way of EA and I don't like it, with there DLC policy, westernisation and diluting there properties (Resi E isn't the same) i'm a little off them...

    Having said that they have a varied and creative back catalog I think the first Capcom Game i ever played was Street Fighter II, they did so well with what Marvel properties they had.

    Not a big fan of the Characters in DMC, the protagonists either under developed or douches except the villains they're fine. The DMC franchise was always based on trashy shlock stuff and that was part of it's charm, it's new focus is fine though.

    Viewtiful Joe is one of my all-time favourite games i should remind you guys the Clover Studios (now Platnium) created Okami and VJ, Capcom only published it. It's weird but Capcom was outsourced by Nintendo to develop half of the Handheld Zelda games :)

    Post by sickVisionz (4,332 posts) See mini bio Level 24
    I've enjoyed every game of theirs this gen other than RE6. They're definitely one of my favorite devs this gen.
    Post by Daniel_Newton (3,322 posts) See mini bio Level 20

    Is it just me or did the video seem to randomly cut off at the end?

    I always meant to play Okami and never got around to it... one game on a list of many, unfortunately.

    I freaking love the new Devil May Cry. It's just really satisfying to continuously chain combos together and feel like a total badass, and the story is goofy in the right kind of ways without feeling totally dumb. Not sure why Ray doesn't like the DLC. The free Bloody Palace mode is fun and Vergil's Downfall looks decent too, I've seen good reviews for it, I need to pick it up. Oh, and it's weird to see someone saying the old Devil May Cry games were better with each new instalment up until 4. Everyone else seems to say DMC 2 was the low point of the series.

    Post by Acura_Max (2,433 posts) See mini bio Level 13

    I agree. The new DmC is just fun to play. I only have the demo,but I still like playing it over and over again to get the best score/combos.

    Post by JiCi (31 posts) See mini bio Level 6

    They used to be great, but they keep making the dumbest mistakes over and over.

    - Locking content on the disc for SFxT (yeah, genius... I could hack the game to unlock them and they couldn't do a thing about it because I legally bought the disc as well as any content scribed on it)

    - Not making new content for SFxT (actual DLC characters would be beneficical for fighting games these days)

    - Releasing UMvC3 9 months after MvC3 (apparently, they made it into a retail title becasue of the earthquake, but it begs the question on why didn't Marvel gibe them more time due to the incident instead of pushing them nonetheless)

    - Not making more content for UMvC3 (see SFxT and Marvel could benefit from it as well)

    - Not making new content for SSFIVAE (see SFxT, and SSFIVAE is still THE most played fighting game)

    - Not including Mega Man in MvC3 along with annoying teases from Niitsuma. Seriously, I can list 20+ reasons why Mega Man shouldn't have been excluded from the roster. The only reason I would believe Niitsuma is if he admits that Inafune held a gun up to his head and threatened to kill him if he would ever made Mega Man playable. That would make more sense than any other reason he could say.

    - Rebooting DMC, when they easily could have remade DMC2 in the right way.

    - Making Steel Batallion a Kinect game, and I'd like to hunt down the "genius" who proposed that.

    - Screwing up Resident Evil 6

    - Not supporting the Mega Man series in any way possible, MML3 cancellation (although, let's face it, it wouldn't have worked anyway), no new MMX title like Maverick Hunter X, no new Battle Network games

    Post by Daniel_Newton (3,322 posts) See mini bio Level 20

    @JiCi said:

    - Locking content on the disc for SFxT (yeah, genius... I could hack the game to unlock them and they couldn't do a thing about it because I legally bought the disc as well as any content scribed on it)

    - Not making new content for SFxT (actual DLC characters would be beneficical for fighting games these days)

    Street Fighter X Tekken had a lot of potential, that's not to say it's an especially bad game, but it could have been much better. I feel like DLC characters should be a given with modern fighting games, it's the best way to keep them interesting.

    Hopefully Tekken X Street Fighter will be better. I think Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is great (SO MANY CHARACTERS - and lots of them were DLC) so it will be interesting to see what Namco does.

    Post by JiCi (31 posts) See mini bio Level 6

    @Daniel_Newton: Exactly! If done right, DLC can be beneficial to games. Hey, 15$ for SSFIVAE (if you had SSFIV already) was a decent deal. However, for SFxT, intentionally locking content on the disc to be unlocked via a voucher is downright illegal, regardless of how you look at it. It's like you order a large pizza and the delivery boy give you the box with a pizza pie with 2 missing slices (in another box) and the pizza demands you 10$ extra to get the rest. It's theft, pure and simple. You could have punched the delivery boy in the face, take the box and shut the door, that would have been more legal and what he has done. Same goes with SFxT, you buy a 60$ game, ALL the content belongs to you now, being locked or not. Someone even hacked the game, got sued by Capcom for pirating the game and hacking unlockables... and won his cause (maybe not by Capcom, but it happened.)

    Oh, don't get me started on gems, Pandora, lacking combos, time-outs, guest characters and of course, no couch online multiplayer for the X360, which is written in the instruction booklet, but not added by Capcom in the final product. They not only claimed that they couldn't make ti work, but also that they don't have ANY intention of fixing. Gamers can also legally sue Capcom for "false advertising".

    I swear, that game made such a negative impact on the gaming community that nobody cares about Capcom,s fighting series anymore. Sure, SSFIVAE and UMvC3 are established games, but gamers are almost at Capcom's throat and demand more support and content for these games rather than SFxT. Then again, many more characters from both SF and Tekken could be added in SFxT. Dude, I'm hoping that I'll get Miguel and Zafina in SFxT. SFxT can be great, but they just need to address the major issues... and content is a major issue, in addition of getting rid of the gems AND making Pandora mode a mecanic that doesn't kill you.

    Katsuhiro Harada even said himself that he will NEVER charge for DLC characters for the Tekken games, thus why all DLC characters in TTT2 are free. He feels like characters are like chess pieces. Of course, not every dev can afford that, but still, characters are vital to fighting games, and they would sell more of them if they are cheap in cost.

    As for Tekken x SF, I really can't say. One major problem is that the projectiles are gonna be difficult to balance, because of the sidestep. I'd like Harada to have as many characters as TTT2 for that game though.

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