Can A Manga Ever Terrify You? -- THE VICE PIT

Topic started by No_name_here on Dec. 2, 2013. Last post by zaldar 1 year, 2 months ago.
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Haven't watched yet but man... shaking my head and major facepalm at anyone thinking like a 6 hour TV is a good date movie. Six hours of anything is probably going to be bad date content.

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Lain for me is one of the most thought provoking anime out there, It's a real mind bender, I have yet to see the new movie Madoka but at least it's not another retread like the last one,
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The first two Madoka movies are a retelling of the anime series for fans who haven't seen the original 12 episodes. The third movie has new material and concludes the series. I haven't watch the 3rd movie.

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I finally watched Akira from Toonami and I realized that Tom and Sam were chanting that in their Vice Pit videos for a long time. I never picked that reference until last Sunday. A show that scared the hell out of me would be Shin Sekai Yori. I have to rewatch Lain because I was a middle schooler kid who sneak up at midnights to watch Lain on Anime Unleashed (Tech TV's network). I didn't understand anything.


Wanna Be the Strongest is a good show to watch. It has its flaws. It's only good for folks who tolerate fan service and don't mind the unrealistic body proportions. Female Wrestlers in real life don't have large breasts because big breasts will get in the way.

2nd Edit:

Thanks for the shout out! Yes, I was experimenting with myself with the dub and sub. The recent dubbed shows aren't that great compared to older dubbed shows.

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So yeah does your date love crazy movies that make you go what the fuck through 95% of the content? Does she have no issues with what some might call loli content (I don't find it here but some have) has she seen and been able to stand Blue Velvet? Than MAYBE lain is good date material but really...I'd start with something more hell...EVA, Ghost in the Shell, or even fooly coolie. Lain is stepping into the DEEEEP end of the wtf did I just watch of anime.

You should do a watch and learn of this actually Tom - you are in the big leagues enough for it now.

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