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Post by Marshal Victory (2,973 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Nice sound was much better except when ya talked away from the microphones.Plus no green fuzzy bar at the bottme of the screen.Was gona link that statue i showed Tom years ago on comic vine that resembled him .But now my user name an password doesnt work there no they dont reconginise my email so meh.

An after a hour searching for it on the interwebs i could not find it :/ but their is a costume head in Boarderlands 2 that does resemble Sir Tom a bit to.Also i did lol when Sam did Paul Bearer mpresion.for those who dont know who that was..

Note "Vince" McMahon smailes an barely holds it together when Paul Bearer gets going.

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I wanted Shoji Sato to work with character design. Not art direction. The boob bullet time was only in the HOTD anime. That entire scene wasn't in the manga.

TetsurĊ Araki would be directing the scenes. I love the art direction he uses when scene are at sunset. That's when I'd want this fight set at.
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You know what...maybe a female centric sayain spinoff...maybe that would be......interesting?

Would make sense with all the glowing hair and screaming plus i never saw a female SSJ in the show

Pan was bleh

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My Mind was blown when you gave me that unexpected shout out at the end.

Post by Daniel_Newton (3,322 posts) See mini bio Level 20

I must admit I thought the Gorillaz shirt was pretty cool too. Maybe not as cool as Sam's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic shirt, but still pretty cool.

I'd actually be really interested in hearing your thoughts on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. At first I thought it was kind of terrible, then the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize it might just be the best Dragon Ball Z movie. That'll make more sense once you've watched it.

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If my memory serves me right, both Androids had one major fight. It was my favorite arc, so I definitely want more action from the Androids. Cell got plenty of spotlight.

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@SuperTiencha: Blowing minds is over half our job on the Vice Pit

Post by sickVisionz (4,332 posts) See mini bio Level 24

Sam, you're like Tom Cruise minus the huge nose.

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