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Is Sam turning into a Titan? His hair just gets crazier with each video.

View to see animation of the progress of drawing the Iron Man Mark VII armor.
View to see animation of the progress of drawing the Iron Man Mark VII armor.

It's not that I'm against working on your picture idea. I'm just busy with commissions. I'm working on a picture of Iron Man vs. the Guren SEITEN. I've been posting samples of the work in progress on my Tumblr page ( My paid work has to come first.

It's true about the ONE PIECE cast. The series is about the characters. You name someone, and you can pretty much describe them by their personality quirks. You don't really describe them by their appearance. That's what makes the characters just stand out so much. I haven't counted in a while, but ONE PIECE has roughly 500 named characters.

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Thanks for reading another one of my comments guys! In my Eureka post I rambled on a bit, so it's a good thing you didn't read all of it.

My question comes from watching one of your old videos with a friend. You guys were talking about how certain anime tropes turn you off of different shows. When you got to "Amnesiac Child Assassin" my friend turned to me and said that that's actually a trope that he can't get enough of. This got me thinking, what are your favorite anime tropes? Does Sam love Tsunderes? I know Tom likes sports anime, but is there a certain kind of character that you prefer? Perhaps the snobby jock who has a face turn character arc. For me, I love shojo shows where the girl packs her crush a boxed lunch with hotdogs shaped like octopi with little smiley faces.

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Ah no comment on my response to the dark Miazaki split...and really wow...sam what was UP with your hair? Missed the joke in the beginning as well...keep up the good work guys always entertaining.

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