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Woot woot! I got name dropped on the Vice Pit. I've been gone the last two weeks because of work so this was a fantastic "welcome home present." Thanks Tom and Sam!

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The BLEACH anime is more hurt by all the extended filler arcs. That series has actually put filler arcs in the middle of canon arcs. NARUTO is the same way. I mean, this Fourth Shinobi World War Arc/Ten Tails Revival Arc are so overextended as they are. The manga version has been going on for over two years -- and still running. The anime version has filler episodes littered throughout the arc. It makes it hard to watch the anime and filter through it.

I appreciate shorter series, but I also love a good long series that really builds their worlds. The new manga series CROSS MANAGE recently ended in SHONEN JUMP. I really enjoyed that and wish it had been a bit longer. I didn't feel we got to know the full cast well enough.

I more often hear people refer to manga as anime. I don't bother correcting them. I don't want to be "that guy".

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this is a good idea for a video every now and again - good stuff!

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@FoxxFireArt: Agreed on Bleach filler hurt it alot. Tho maybe one in 10 filler epiosdes were decent .Still one day i'll own copies of filer bloated series on blue ray im sure.

Point i think Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet may have subtly tried to get across is big things can get messed up but their is always hope. The analogy with the cult an goverment fits with how bad japans goverment has made their economy.Add to that what was said in a interview with Kazuya Murata, Director of Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet....

What do you hope people take away from the experience of watching Gargantia?

For the Japanese audience, I would like “young people who are about to enter society” to take the message, “Don't worry. Try. You can do it”. For the larger audience in the world, I want them to have the message, “Whatever could happen, we, human beings, will be alright. If we all together open the path, the future will always be ahead of us”.

It sorta fits .

Then again any subtext ( unless stated by the creators ) is subjective to those viewing the anime.Many a director in film have added subtext to films. Only to find out years later what they intended is not seen with difrent times .

Good episode .

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I don't know if I should be honored that I led to the Warren Zevon or ashamed.... ;). Fun stuff! Glad I can still make those entertaining left field analogies!

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Hey you got called out in this Vice Pit video.

@Marshal Victory:

I agree. A lot of interpretations can be made with what Gen Urobuchi is saying. I thought it was pointing the whole humans are their own enemy from Shin Sekai Yori. No, it didn't have that. It was more valuing human life.

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