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Thanks Tom for the recognition. It's thanks to who is the biggest fan of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Even though I haven't had time to start watching it, he was a huge advocate. I was working with him to promote the series back in the old Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation Anime Discussion which didn't have a lot of comments. Because of Crunchyroll and more users being active, the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Discussion and Tom's W & L articles are really promoting the series well. It's quite synergistic.

I'll be trying to promote the wiki like I have done for , , and the rest of Toriko and the Seven Deadly Sins. For wiki projects to be successful, a mod must watch the show and work with the folks promoting not just wiki but the battle forums, the discussions, and front page.

Just got to make some time.

Come on guys if you're coming for Anime Expo, be there!
Come on guys if you're coming for Anime Expo, be there!

Regarding Anime Expo, I'll be working on a schedule and a survival guide for folks who haven't been to a con yet. I was inspired by Giant Bomb's staff Marino who did the PAX Survival Guide. I didn't have con experience until July 2013. Back then, I ask folks how to prepare for Anime Expo. I was really worried about security and other things: Gearing up for Anime Expo this weekend - July 5 & 6th. My first time was awesome. I didn't get any autographs, but I had an opportunity to meet Tom Pinchuk in person. That really made my first experiences. However, I wish I wasn't shy or had prepare questions ahead of time. I didn't have a smart phone or a good phone with internet access. Had to ask the person next in line to check Tom Pinchuk's Twitter because I didn't know Tom would be there that time.

Regarding Trigger and Gainax, I loved 's comment on their style. Yeah, it's too soon to call them out. Compared Kill la Kill to Little Witch Academia, I find Little Witch Academia to be their best even though it was just a short. I still see Trigger has potential. It's great to see new companies trying to shake things up. Even though Kill la Kill had mixed reactions from good to bad, they were clearly exploiting fan service and anime cliches to shake things up.

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Yay my question was answered.

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