Anime Questions Answered!!! -- 10/29/13 -- THE VICE PIT

Topic started by No_name_here on Oct. 29, 2013. Last post by NickyCharisma 1 year, 4 months ago.
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Thanks for answering all of my super dumb questions guys!

You're pretty beefy too Sam, but c'mon, Tom's a beast. Unless you guys want to duke it out or something to settle it once and for all? I'd watch an arm wrestle Vice Pit.

Those MET-Rx bars look way more delicious than I thought they would. I kinda wanna pick some up just to see what they taste like. Cookie dough! Image source.

I especially appreciate all the thought you guys put into the pizza challenge, both pizza descriptions seemed appropriately apt. I like how Tom's pizza sounded dangerous and Sam's just sounded delicious.

Hey Sam, if you're serious about cooking you could bring back the old Sugar & Vice feature from way back. I'd be into that.

Now I'm hungry.

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I used to collect the Marvel Overpower CCG. I never got far because I was a kid and none of my friends played it. As a 6th grader, if your friends aren't playing it you really don't have access to transportation to find others so that was that.

My crazy shipping would be Aizen (Bleach) and Dante (FMA). I think she'd be a good match. Aizen probably doesn't feel like he needs a woman, but I think he'd be attracted to Dante due to her intelligence and her desire to obtain power by any means necessary to accomplish her goals. Aizen is a charmer and that could woo Dante, but I think she's wise enough to not be so clingy that Aizen can manipulate her with ease, something Aizen's never encountered with another woman.

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I can't believe Tom gave Daniel a tip about training regimen since I wrote this in my AX 2013 blog a while back:

  • Next year, do some muscle building exercises. I look like a shrimp compared to Tom

Roy and Riza - For some reason, they never got hitched. For crossover shipping, Kyon from Haruhi and Yuri from Angel Beats. I'm just guessing because they are both annoyed by god.

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that reminds me I gotta watch Code Geass one of these days,

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Same here. I need to watch Death Note, too.

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no no not an arm wrestle vice pit a WRESTLE vice pit. Tom could teach Sam some moves and then they do a REAL wrestle contest (aka college/Olympic wrestle style) and then a WWE inspired one (maybe as anime characters? I would DEFINITELY watch that!

Oh man Lelouch and Light...someone needs to write that yaoi manga and I don't even really like those but yeah the power games the we could rule the world if we could work together but we can't so we will destroy it would be incredible.

And now to draw up my list of questions hmm lets see PnP RPG's, online MMO's, anime video games, and Dating yeah!

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Of all the running jokes on Vice Pit, I think that Tom's hate for Hetalia is my favorite. It get's a laugh from me every time at least!

A follow on to the "Which anime is like a pizza?" question, which anime reminds you of an adult beverage? For me, Eureka 7 (my favorite anime) is like my favorite drink, the illustrious White Russian. Both are sweet upon first taste, but pack a surprisingly strong punch thanks to their layers normally concealed by their pretty appearance.

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