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I would have liked to have joined in on those interviews, but I was dealing with some really serious issues on my computer...that I hope I've dealt with.

I don't think you need more "bro shows". You more need good shows. Look at the latest AVATAR series, THE LEGEND OF KORRA. That almost got canceled before it started becasue the protagonist is a girl. Studio execs didn't think boys would watch a female hero. One of the creators had to go in and convince them. When the pilot was shown to audiences, they didn't care that the hero is a girl. The first season did so well that they've ordered several more seasons.

I am passionately against censorship. To me, I see it as a form of evil. It's partly becasue it's based upon some uptight person's ideals to change the original content of another creator. In Japan, they aren't getting the censored version. If it's good enough for the Japanese audience, it's good enough for the rest of us. I wouldn't have so much of an issue with this if publishers provided an uncut version of these censored manga. Many anime distributors do release uncut versions of the anime. When they do it to manga, that's the only version that ever gets released.

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Did ever get around to doing a blog/post for this? Anyways you can check out my "Canadian" interview/response/blog also!

Lol I got the feeling after reading a few other responses that we were all throwing around similar ideas. Would be interesting to have some more east-asian perspectives, but I guess there are a lot more asian-language fansites that would be more popular with east-asian anime fans. As far as english-speaking language countries go this interview series is pretty amazing!

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From what I remember, the Magical Girl genre is a big hit in Italy to the point where they release physical copies of Magical girl shows at a lower price with the dubs.

As for bring back the shows of old with the big power fantasies may not work anymore since popularity shifted with other more slowly placed shows where it isn't about world conflicts but personal and real life problems presented in a traditional animation or very abstract.

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I'll contact her again on Twitter. I'm not sure about KuronekoXIII. I haven't talked to him for a year after our Guilty Crown wiki project. I have been holding my promise to not post the roundtable until he comes back for a year. I will post the Canadian interview. I hoping either of them will respond. Don't worry about Auron570, I will put them up.

I had a hard time searching for Anime Vice users from Asia. I did find one person (from India), but he was busy with things. I couldn't find anyone from Asia. I'm Asian as well. I don't count, being an immigrant. Originally, I wished to have an interview from different parts of Europe since I had a lot of interviews with UK users. For the Holland interview, I had found a Croatian user when I saw the comics scans he was uploading was in Croatian. Sadly, he declined.

For the Latino interviews, I didn't have much luck. There was one user who posted. Check out DBZ Universe's Latin Experiences. I hoped to get another person, so I have a two people article. I haven't received word from other users from Central, South, and Caribbean American regions when I was hunting through the RPG and battle forums. Many declined. I respected their concerns and responses.

It's thanks to the guys for taking their time to do the interviews. I learned a lot from the UK and African interviews. I always thought the UK market was the same with the US. It turns out the anime market in the UK was very small. For Uganda, they resort to libraries. In America, most people use the internet in affluent areas. For me, I live in the ghetto and downtrodden areas. I actually use the public libraries since I used to volunteer at the libraries for community service. I still continue trips to the library with my family. High School do this community service requirement for graduation I see children and teenagers checking out manga and watching anime on computers. Parts of the Uganda experiences still reflect the areas here in South California such as the LA and Riverside districts.

What I hope these companies will branch out to other parts of the world. Fans of anime want to support the creators legally. Here are their stories.

and I'm sorry for being late. I will put up your stories. It will be the final saga in the American interviews.

Thanks Tom and Sam for promoting these interviews. It means a lot to the community. Meeting Tom and taking a look at the Cultural Diversity concept page really made a difference.

Hope everyone enjoy the interviews.

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I learnt a lot from writing and reading these too. I had no idea that Uganda had a decent anime following, though I did have friends from Cameroon who were into anime themselves, so I guess that shouldn't have been too much of a surprise for me.

Thanks for getting us to do this, let me know if we can do more.

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Cool episode Tom and Sam, BTW I answered your Question on you other vice pit episode.

On Eureka AO and I'm sorry to say this , it was indeed earth the whole time in the original series the details are on that same page and I left all that info there for you to see and look up or re watch the video yourselves so you can find that episode of which I speak of in the original . It was not cool that all the people that spoke on there after you said to "help you" out if you were wrong or not that it wasn't earth or not?" didn't bother to look that up to help confirm it or not. They just blindly agreed and assumed I know there are case's where some studio's have done stuff like that, where they don't care for the source material formerly in a way that is a crime to a series if continuing it . But Bones aren't one of them. And how the tone sounded there I wasn't trying to offend there. I was just pointing you all in the right direction. Cause I Assume (and that's when to assume) when you say "help you out or to point out if you might be mistaken" it's not rhetorical.

I hope from now on in the future that others actually do look this stuff up when you actually say to "help you out." And not just assume it's been the same deal as some other series where they didn't care for the source material and just trying to make some bucks. I don't want someone else that will say you're misinforming others in a much ruder way , all causes of this . Unfortunately Eureka AO if you dislike it cause about the issue of the planet being called earth isn't a good reason to write it off cause it is indeed earth. As shown in Episode 47 and following that.

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Are you saying the original Eureka was earth? They talked about coming to that planet though so I thought it was pretty clear it wasn't earth. Not that the show spent to much time on its very interesting of its problems actually...

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@zaldar said:

Are you saying the original Eureka was earth? They talked about coming to that planet though so I thought it was pretty clear it wasn't earth. Not that the show spent to much time on its very interesting of its problems actually...

As i and explain twice, Yes, that is the case. I rewatch that Show in both English dub and sub cause of what Tom said in video to confirm it and in Episode 47 of the original eureka seven. Renton's sister Dian explained it all to him that there was a meteor shower on earth when they had norm common day jet fighter as we do today. This meteor which contained the scub coral of which the correlations came from and they took over the earth. As I said all the details I explained in that link you just have to re watch that episode from the point of Episode 47 where this is explained and everyone from that point find out they were on earth the whole time, abed the Coralians are a part of the earth now and they have to co-exist before the final showdown with a Holland's crazy brother that their stupid aristocrat father created by/ cause he showed to have favoritism between his two son's. Some chosen one crap. That stuff with Hollands brother and father was few episodes before Ep 47. But that was the deal there. the point is human left the planet in search of another planet due to that meteor shower as Renton's sister explained to him the human's came back didn't realize it was earth and those that did know the truth like the sage's which were hollands "brother's " boss's, kept it from the general public, til near the end of that series.

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That monthly meetup from sounds really cool. After college and now that I'm in the work force, I kinda long for the college days of having an anime club to hang out with anime fans. I've thought of frequenting anime stores but I went to the closest one and was met with, "nobody buys anime" and I was hugely let down immediately. The other stores are like a 40 minute/$20 drive to get to them.

Sam asked what shows released elsewhere would you want here. Siren Visual in Australia is killing it. They had House of Five Leaves long before the US and they still have Welcome to Irabu's office, Dennou Coil, The Tatami Galaxy, and the uber godly greatest show that nobody has seen just great great great amazing series Kaiba. Sad thing is that a lot of the show that they have exclusively aren't even streaming online so there's no way to even legally link to these series. Really a shame about Kaiba. That is the series a lot of people are looking for but they don't even know it.

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