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for those who have never seen Aeon Flux


An as always i say no to remakes.Even a tribute style thing talked about here.They never adds to the good of the original but muddies its history, as well as mires it in confusion.

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Such a project could get interesting but would never happen. Mainly because Toei would never drop their production rights on DRAGON BALL to pass on to any other production company.

Having said that. I'd like to see Tetsurō Araki, director of DEATH NOTE, HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD and ATTACK ON TITAN, to once again to work with MADHouse to reimage part of the Android Saga, specifically the portion where Android 18 first clashed against the Z Fighters. I loved the fight where 18 wiped the floor with Vegeta. I would also like to see Shōji Satō, artist and co-creator of HOTD, work with character designs. I think that fight scene would really benefit from a darker edge. Too much of DBZ happens in the bright daylight. This fight could be amazing set at sunset.
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These writers don't need me to ask them to writer a section. I know they'd create something great themselves.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

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I came here because I saw Goku vs Superman

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@Supersaiyan_Danger: me to....

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