The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator!

The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator! is an anime episode of Toriko that was released on 04/03/2011
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Plot Summary

Toriko gets hired by the 5 star restaurant Hotel Gourmet in order to hunt a Gararagator. He sails along the Gourmet Chef, Komatsu, who previously asked him to come along the journey. As they arrive into the marsh, Toriko sees a pack of Friday Monkeys on the shore and requests the captain of the ship, Tom, to stop there. Toriko and Komatsu get deep into the marsh with a small raft. When they get on the archipelago, a wild Baron Tiger appears, but Toriko uses his intimidation ability to scare the creature. Toriko starts wondering why the Baron Tiger (which lives deep in the jungle) started to living so close to the shore. Komatsu states that the Gararagator they were hunting was 300 hundred years old, a number that is double the usual. As night falls, Toriko and Komatsu set up a fireplace. Suddenly, a swamp serpent appears out of the swamp, but as Toriko begins to deduce how it was killed, the Gararagator jumps out of the swamp. Toriko engages the beast and after a short exchange of attacks, he asks Komatsu if it is okay to capture it dead. When Komatsu agrees out of fear, Toriko dispatches the creature by beheading it with his knife. Toriko asks Komatsu if he can have a bite after Komatsu cooks it. Somehow, Toriko ends up eating the whole Gararagator.

Points of Interest

Capture Levels

  • Snake Toad - 1
  • Pincher Fish - 1
  • Baron Leech - Unknown (less than 1)
  • Friday Monkey - 2
  • Five-Tailed Giant Eagle - 2
  • Baron Tiger - 3
  • Swamp Snake - 5
  • Galala Alligator (150 years old) - 5
  • Galala Alligator (300 yers old) - 8

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
  • Knife
  • Fork

Manga & Anime Differences


  • Japanese Name: "Hikyō no Kyojū! Toriko, Gararawani wo Hokaku se yo!" (秘境の巨獣! トリコ、ガララワニを捕獲せよ!)
  • Manga Chapter: 1-2
  • Opening Theme: "Guts Guts!!" by Akira Kushida
  • Ending Theme: "Satisfaction" by F.T. Island

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro Concept Artist Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro is the writer and artist of the manga series Seikimatsu Leader Den Takeshi! and Toriko.
Akifumi Zako Director Akifumi Zako is an anime director of series such as Fresh Pretty Cure and Toriko.


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