The Ultimate Battle: Cha!

The Ultimate Battle: Cha! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 07/23/2003
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Chunin Exams Arc

The Ultimate Battle: Cha! - ベストバトルはしゃーんなろー!! (Besuto batoru wa shānnarō!!)


Opening Theme-

"Haruka Kanata (遥か彼方)" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

We get a recap from the previous episode, where the girls are finally ready to get serious and have a fair fight. The both run at each other and Sakura does the shadow clone jutsu, Ino tells her that it was not the ninja academy's final test and that she couldn't beat her with that. Sakura ends up concentrating all her chakra to her feet to make her go faster. She ends up hitting Ino and sends her flying across the floor. She tells Ino to quit thinking of her as a crybaby and fight her seriously. Ino tells her she is glad to hear and she will do as she requests. Naruto is excited to see that Sakura is doing so well. Kakashi tells him that Sakura has always been great about controlling her chakra and using it at the right time. Naruto asks if she is better then him and Kakashi tells him yes.

She was even better then Saskue as well. Rock Lee is very excited about how well Sakura was doing, but he notices that her open is equally strong so it was going to be a long fight. The girls have been fighting for about ten minutes with no end in sight. Ino tells Sakura that there is no way that she is stronger then her. Sakura tells her that she is not her equal since she spends so much time on her appearance and hair. Hearing this Ino ends up cutting her hair as well, and throws it toward Sakura. She tells her that she is going to end this by making her say "I give up." Ino's team mates think that she is crazy for doing the technique. Sakura tells her that it is not going to work, she goes on to explain how the technique works. That the person takes over the mind of their opponents for a few minutes and even their body as well. But Sakura knows that the technique has a weakness, which the users mind energy can only go in a straight line and it goes at a slow pace. And if the person misses the enemy, their mind won't return for a few minutes. And their body will become like a doll and not be able to move at all. Ino tells her that she doesn't know what will happen unless she tries. Sakura tells her that it is over for her if she misses. Sakura starts to run, and Ino does the technique, they both stop and Ino falls to her knees. After a couple of second Sakura tells her nice try, and she starts to come after her, but she has been caught. Ino had faked the seals and then used her hair on the floor to create a charka type rope to catch Sakura. Ino does the move again, and this time she doesn't miss, even though the others watching thinks that she has missed again. Naruto notices that Sakura is acting weird, Kakashi tells him that Ino was in Sakura's mind and that she is going to make her give up. Ino tells Sakura good bye and she makes her raise her hand and starts to make her say that she gives up. But she is interrupted by Naruto yelling at Sakura telling her not to loose to that Saskue obsessed freak. Hearing Naruto's voice brings Sakura back in control. She ends up making Ino disengage the technique and kicks her out of her mind.

Ino sensei realizes she had used up to much strength and she couldn't hang on to the move. Ino asks Sakura who she is since she has two minds. Sakura tells her she has inner strength to match her beauty. Kakashi knows that Ino was short on chakra, but once that technique is used you shouldn't be able to get out of it. But with Sakura need to beat Ino her rival and hearing Naruto voice helped kick Ino out. Kakashi notices that Sakura is like Naruto she hates to loose. But both of them had a little bit of chakra left. The both come running at each other because this was the last time to attack. Before they hit they end up having flash backs of each other, and how they have grown from that time. They end up hitting each other and get knocked back and both of their head bands fly off. Their match ends up ending in a double KO. There sensei's come and get them and take them back up on the balcony. The both of them didn't even need medical attention, Kakashi couldn't believe that Sakura had actually grown stronger as well. He was very happy that he entered them in Chuunin exams. With that the fifth match started Ten Ten Vs Temari. Sakura finally started to wake up, Ino was already awake, and tells her their match was over. Sakura can't believe she lost Ino ends up handing her head band back to her. And Ino tells her that she has bloom into a beautiful flower. But she tells her that the next time she is going to do more then make her faint. And that she has no intention of giving Saskue to her, and Sakura tells her that she was going to do the same thing. It was time for the fifth match to start Ten Ten Vs Temari.

Ending Theme-

"Harmonia (ハルモニア)" by Rythem

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