The Two Hinamoris, Hitsugaya's Resolution

The Two Hinamoris, Hitsugaya's Resolution is an anime episode of Bleach that was released on 06/14/2011

Plot Summary

Kon getting all hot and bothered
Kon getting all hot and bothered

In the World of the Living, Ichigo's friends and Urahara monitor Ichigo's movements in the Precipice World and track him as he travels to Soul Society. On their own, Kon and Ishida step away from the group to ponder what it is about Nozomi that makes Kageroza so anxious to have her back. Ishida feels that, similar to Aizen and Rukia, Kageroza must be after something that inside of her. When he asks for Kon's opinions, Kon seems to concentrate on the phrase inside of Nozomi and can only think about seeing her naked and other things related to being inside of Nozomi.

Unohana's Reigai heals Ukitake's Reigai
Unohana's Reigai heals Ukitake's Reigai

Back in Soul Society, Byakuya leaves the area where he fought Hitsugaya's Reigai and is immediately confronted by the Reigai version of himself. Elsewhere, Yamamoto continues his battle against the Reigai version of Ukitake and Kyouraku, who are defeated but are continually rehealed by the Reigai of Unohana. In another section of Soul Society Kenpachi and Yachiru are confronted by the Reigai version of Soi Fon and her Onmitsukido troops. Kenpachi is easily able to defeat the troops and prepares to battle against the Reigai, but Komamura steps in and takes over the fight.

Momo's Reigai attacks Hitsugaya
Momo's Reigai attacks Hitsugaya

Meanwhile, Hitsugaya is headed towards Kageroza's location and notices Hinamori sitting on a rooftop. The two start talking about what's going on and Hinamori draws her sword on him, revealing that she is a Reigai. Hitsugaya is able to block the initial attack but he begins to fall victim to her once she begins to bring up their past and the injury he gave her during the battle against Aizen. Injured and fleeing the battle, another Hinamori enters the fray and begins to battle the Reigai Hinamori. Eventually one of the Hinamori is caught in an attack and about to be killed and Hitsugaya must make a quick decision on which one is the real one and which is the fake one. He decides and intercedes the attack only to find out that both of them were Reigai and is caught in two attacks. Before the two can finish him off, Yoruichi steps in and quickly finishes them off. Afterward, Hitsugaya continues on to Kageroza despite Yoruichi's warnings about his wounds.

Ichigo being pulled into the Precipice World
Ichigo being pulled into the Precipice World

Finally, Ichigo arrives at Kageroza's location and the two engage in a short battle. Kageroza tells him that being neither human, shinigami or hollow, he is an anomaly that must be erased due to the unpredictable nature of his powers. In their next exchange, Kageroza tricks Ichigo into falling through a portal to the Precipice World where he is immediately confronted by the Cleaner.

Characters & Voice Actors

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