The Truth of ALfheim

The Truth of ALfheim is an anime episode of Sword Art Online that was released on 11/24/2012

While Asuna continues her attempt to escape, another woman in Kirito’s life tries to make sense of her emotions.

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Plot Summary

Leafa marvels at the city lights, and a voice informs everyone that the server will be down for maintenance on January 22. Kirito states his cash is all wasted, and Leafa comments that he was just showing off. She asks Yui to find a cheap inn, so they can log off. Below Asuna's giant birdcage, Asuna sneaks around and finds a lit tunnel among the roots. In the real world, Kirito washes his face outside, and he greets Suguha who is all sleepy. He asks Suguha what she is up to. Kirito decides to pour a bit of cold water down the back of Suguha's neck. Elsewhere, Asuna looks at the map and wonders where to go. Back in reality, Suguha asks Kirito to buy him a parfait as an apology while the two make breakfast. Back to Asuna, she finds herself in a room with holographic brains. She thinks back to Sugou's intentions of manipulating everyone's senses and will. Gritting her teeth, she tells the brains that she will save them. Two large purple slugs scan a brain and notices that the person has a spike of excitement. In Japan, Kirito and Suguha board a bus that is going towards Asuna's hospital, and Kirito comments about his situation at school since he was trapped in SAO for two years. Asuna rushes towards a computer, and she finds the log out button. Behind her back, purple tentacles are about to grab her. In Asuna's room, Kirito introduces Suguha to Asuna and likewise for Asuna. The slugs find out that Asuna is the girl that Sugou has kept, and the slugs comment about their research. Before the one of the slug logs off, he tells one slug to not have fun with her. However, the slug uses his tentacles to get a feel of Asuna. Struggling to get free, Asuna bites the slug's tentacles. The slug stops, and the slug that logged out informs the slug about Sugou's instructions to change the pass and to bring back Asuna to the cage. Over at Asuna's room, Suguha wonders what she will do when she looks at Kirito holding Asuna's hands. Logging to ALfheim, Leafa wakes up with tears in her eyes, and Kirito approaches her. He lets Leafa cry on his shoulders, and thinking to herself, Leafa states she has to bury her feelings for Kirito. Walking in the city, Leafa looks at the couples. Suddenly, Yui pops out and states she has sensed Asuna's Player ID. Kirito pops out his wings and soars in the skies leaving Leafa.

Points of Interest

  • In her mind, Suguha states to herself that she is in love with Kirito. Though, she has not confessed to Kirito.


  • Japanese Name: "Aruvuheimu no Shinjitsu" (アルヴヘイムの真実)
  • Light Novel Chapter:
  • Opening Theme: "INNOCENCE" by Aoi Eir
  • Ending Theme: "Overfly" Haruna Luna

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy
Reki Kawahara Original Concept Light novel writer
Eir Aoi OP Theme Song: "INNOCENCE"
Luna Haruna Ed Theme Song: "Overfly"


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