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We're sampling all the new pilots this Winter. Check out our thoughts on...

The Testament of Sister New Devil is a show about a high school student named Basara Toujou whose father sits him down one day to announce that 1) After a long period of being single, he’s planning to re-marry, and 2) as a result of this joyous new union Basara will be gaining two new step-sisters!

First there’s the teenage sister, Mio, who has a habit of repeatedly appearing in front of Basara partially naked, and seems to enjoy sneaking into his bedroom to straddle him in the morning, then hitting him and calling him a pervert.

Then there’s the younger sister (I’m guessing 10 years old?), Maria, who gleefully points out and encourages the sexual tension that seems to be forming between Mio and Basara, and appears to be openly rooting for her older brother and sister to form a pornographic incestuous relationship.

HOWEVER, the situation takes a strange turn one evening when Mio and Maria reveal to Basara that they are NOT ordinary human-beings! Rather, Maria is a succubus, and Mio is a demon lord! And now that internal struggles and politics have forced them to flee their old home in the demon world, they arranged a plot to move into Basara’s house in order to use it as their base of operations on Earth.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Before Mio and Maria can use their magic to control Basara’s mind and compel him to leave his house so that they can hold supreme dominion over his…living room, I guess…Basara reveals that HE ALSO is no ordinary human!! Rather, he is descended from a clan of heroes who have magical powers of their own. Because of this, Basara is able to summon an enchanted sword and repel Mio and Maria’s magic.

Later, when Mio and Maria are attacked by rival demons from their homeland, Basara decides to overlook their previous duplicity and help them as a (wait for it) Testament to the family bond which, however it came into being, the three of them now share.

Because…what’s that you ask? Am I typing out the transcript of a game of Mad Libs I played with my friends over Malt Liquor and Cocaine? That’s a good guess. But no. Did I recently suffer some sort of brain injury that prevents me from typing coherent meaningful sentences on my keyboard? Again, no. Am I just trolling you? Making up a synopsis that must be false because, clearly, no show like the one I just described could ever get made in a sane and just world? For the third time: No.

That really is the plot of episode one of “The Testament of Sister New Devil.” I really don’t know what to say about this show except that…in a way…I can sort of respect how it manages to gather nearly every fanservice trope that’s been used in nearly every fanservice anime since that genre was first invented, and combine them in one place for audiences to see.

If you are a person who has spent weeks, months, potentially years trying to convince your friends and family that anime is a legitimate art form capable of sophisticated storytelling, deep and meaningful examinations of the human condition, and amazingly poignant depictions of the ever-changing dynamics between men and women, I would NOT recommend showing this anime to them. It will not help your case. If however, you just wanna kick back, eat some popcorn, not think too hard, and enjoy a fanservice anime that knows what its target audience wants and is ready willing and able to give it to them, then this is definitely the show for you.

Watch this pilot and decide for yourself.

(Special thanks to Hyper-User Takashichea for the screencaps)

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What is with these sexual brother sister relationships? It kinda getting annoying. And whatever happen to the normal brother sister relationships where they just help and respect each other?

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What is up with all these Light Novel shows? When Sword Art Online become a mega hit, everyone and there mothers are adapting any and all Brother & Sister relationships Light Novels (it drive me crazy). And the worst part about this show is it rip off The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Which I like because it don't involve Sister X Brother stuff. Anyway I give it a try, didn't like it.

I wish someone would make a genre deconstruction on these type of shows.

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Anyone can point out the ridiculousness of these shows ... but it takes a true auteur to do it in a way that is probably more entertaining than the show itself. Hats off! This was hilarious reading ... but you must be knew to anime because though this is ridiculous...this is pretty tame for the level of ridiculousness in anime honestly. Try out penguin drum, Utena (which actually is an actual art show with deep and meaningful story, but STILL manages to be AS WEIRD AS FUCK), or his most recent show Yurikuma Arashi. Actually given how well you wrote this one, can I request that you do the review for that show too?

Oh and this show didn't even bring in all the tropes ... if it did the ten year old would be going after our main too and fighting the sister. That may be the only one it left out however ... which is both impressive and disturbing...

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Five Words:

Light Novel Fantasy Ecchi Harem

@Destinyheroknight: @zaldar:

More like High School DxD and Trinity Seven. It's step sister, not blood related.

Blood related. See Oreimo, OniAi and The Irregular at a Magical High School

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Online Now

This show had a similar set up to Military!, a microseries that aired this winter season. It's streaming on Crunchyroll. Both shows had a dad leaving the main character and sending their sons, two step-daughters.

This show is from the same mix: a light novel ecchi harem show you see every season. It's either visual novel or light novel.

I think I follow up with this show. Yeah, it's generic, but I like the main character. He isn't a herbivore or extremely perverted. I seen too many lame harem main leads.

Thanks for the shout out! I'll keep on uploading images.

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