The Terrifying Mobile Fortress

The Terrifying Mobile Fortress is an anime episode of Valkyria Chronicles that was released on 06/27/2009

Plot Summary

While Faldio and Welkin's group infiltrate Fouzen disguised as civilians, the Gallian militia are acting as decoys and making sacrifices to distract Gregor who is manning a destructive locomotive machine. Inside Fouzen, the others meet up with Zaka, a leader of the resistance and a Darcsen. Rosie expresses her hatred for them, and both Largo and Welkin try to stop her for speaking any further. Later, Zaka explains their reason for fighting to free their people from being slaves mining ragnite.

Then, Alicia debriefs everyone on the operation where the everyone is split into three teams: Largo's team will free the people, Rosie's team will destroy the armor train, and the last team will act as decoy. When Largo remarks that they are being used by the regulars and risking their lives, Isara states that they doing this to save the people who have been persecuted and discriminated.

While Rosie goes outside, Zaka tags along with her due to Welkin's orders. Rosie spots a young girl reuniting with her mother. Then, Zaka quickly muffles Rosie and pins her to wall. He pretends to get fresh with Rosie to distract the Imperial guards who are passing them. Rosie is infuriated with Zaka's actions. Later, Rosie sees Isara chatting with Zaka and her fellow Darcsens. When the time comes, Faldio's squad and the others get ready. Rosie gets angry when she sees Zaka in her team. She states that she is a soldier before being a woman.

Points of Interest

  • Vyse Inglebard is seen for the first time, and he is a member of Squad 5. Though, he is seen lying dead along with his comrades on the front lines.

Characters & Voice Actors

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