The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast

The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast is an anime episode of Naruto Shippuden that was released on 04/14/2011
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Five Kage Summit Arc

The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast - 尾獣VS尾のない尾獣 (Bijū VS O no nai Bijū)

Killer Bee engages in a deadly battle against Kisame, who has come to capture the Eight-Tails.


Opening Theme-

"Lovers" by 7

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The Samehada grows bigger after stealing Bee's chakra
The Samehada grows bigger after stealing Bee's chakra

The episode starts with Foo commenting on the method of Attack Zetsu used with his seed clones, and mentioning along with Torune that Ao was still tailing them. Foo then sets a trap for Ao, with Danzo mentioning that Dead or Alive, Ao's Eye must be removed.

The episode shifts to Kisame and Killer Bee, with Kisame calling Bee the Octopus brat, with be replying, "Im gonna make you weep, you shark creep!", before gaining the Seven-Tails Cloak, and charging towards Kisame.

Bee's strike misses, and the Samehada drained part of his cloak, causing the sword to grow bigger, with Bee noting that it can only absorb six tails worth of chakra at a time. he then decides to attack with his "version 2" form in his beast mode state.

The focus then shifts to Ao, who is pursuing Danzo, who gets ambushed by Foo's curse doll, forcing Ao's soul into the body, immobilizing him, and allowing Foo's soul to enter his body. Foo initally tries to sabotage the byakugan by stabbing it, but the tags on Ao's ears prevent any damage to it. Foo notes that it is a fitting jutsu coming from the Hidden Mist Black Ops unit, also known as the undertaker squad. he then states that since he cannot gouge out the eye, he will behead Ao's body, but transfer back to his own, killing Ao in the process.

Bee attacking in his Version 2 Beast State
Bee attacking in his Version 2 Beast State

The action switches back over to Hachibi, who tells Bee to release him, bit Bee declines, saying it will destory the entire are and blow his cover. Bee enters Version 2 State as an alternative method, while at the same time Kisame notes how excited Samehada is getting from the excessive chakra. Bee smashes into Kisame, dealing what should have been a fatal blow. however, the Samehada was able to absorb enough of Bee's chakra to reset him to his Version 1 Seven Tails state, and used that chakra to rapidly regenerate Kisame to full health. Kisame proclaims that due to this unique relationship with his sword, he has mastered stamina, and is referred to as "The Tailless Bijuut". he then counters with Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave, which created a massive water bubble.

Ao still trapped in the curse doll
Ao still trapped in the curse doll

Foo is about to jump off to be behead Ao, explaining his plan to escape and return to his body, just before the body is beheaded, and to return to get the head, where Ao taunts him, assuring him that the tables will be turned if when he returns for the head, Ao is still alive.

Foo jumps, but is stopped by Mei just in time. initially, she offers to untie Ao's binds and undo the jutsu on the eye, where he accepts. however, she is able to see through the simple fact, that she cannot undo the jutsu, and literallty slaps Foo out of the jutsu after calling her a vixen. when Foo returns to his body, he states his mission failed, and Danzo simply says it cannot be helped.

Kisame fused with the Samehada
Kisame fused with the Samehada

Inside of the Water shock wave, Kisame states that the more this battle drags on, the more Bee's ckara will be taken from him, causing him to get weaker, and Kisame to grow proportionally stronger. Kin states to defeat Kisame, bee must separate him from the sword, at which point Kisame fuses with it.

Kisame declares he is about to attack, at which Bee swims off holding Kin and Ponta, trying to escape the water barrier, changing back to Version 2 state. however Kisame states he has the locational advantage, and chases after Bee. Bee tries to move faster, until Hachibi tells him that Kisame is the center of the bubble, and tells him in order to save Kin and Ponta, leave them and run in the opposite direction, so they can be freed. however, Kisame sees through the ploy and charges after Kin instead. Bee rushes to protect them, but Kisame was using that as a distraction to get Bee closer, striking him and draining his chakra once again to Version 1 state, but Bee retaliates, forming octopus arms to subdue Kisame, preventing him from absorbing any more chakra, with Kisame addmitting Bee is worthy of being called the perfect Jinchuriki. Bee is then able to forcibly move Kisame away from Kin and Ponta, freeing them.

Bee runs out of breath
Bee runs out of breath

He then tries to attack Kisame with one of his words, but is unable to hold it, as he is running out of breath. Kisame notes that despite his attack being a good Idea, as long as Bee is in contact with him, he will continue to have his chakra drained. He also notes the Samehada has found its favourite type of charkra.

Bee, with the last of his strength, plans to Lariat Kisame, but Hachibi warns him against it, since Kisame would be on guard after the last attack, and advises him to evade. Bee does so by using Ink Creation Jutsu to create a smokescreen, and tries to escape, however, since merged with the Samehada, he can detect chakra through his skin, easily locking on to Bee, and striking him unconscious.

Samehada refuses to destroy the source of its favorite chakra
Samehada refuses to destroy the source of its favorite chakra

Meanwhile, Kin regains consciousness, and the Water shock wave is broken.Kisame is about to cut off Bee's legs, and Hachibi is also helpess since his chakra was also drained, yelling at Bee to wake up. Kisame attacks, but Samehada does not cut, as it doesn't want its favorite chakra source to be destroyed, and shoots its spikes at Kisame. he notes the sword has become attached to Hachibi's chakra, as it heals Bee, restoring some of his chakra, before Kisame kicks it away.

Ei and Bee perform Double Lariat on Kisame
Ei and Bee perform Double Lariat on Kisame

Kisame states they should switch weapons, picking up the sword that Bee dropped. Bee crawls away, but as Kisame is about to swing the sword, bee fires his pencil filled with chakra, headshotting Kisame. however, seemingly unfazed, he tries to attack Bee again, but the sword is broken by an attack from Ei, who just arrived with Darui and Shee. Darui stated they could see the water shock wave easily, and detected Bee and Hachibi's chakra. Samehada begins to restore more chakra to Bee, while Ei tells Bee to get ready, and he gains the Version 1 cloak. Kisame tries to perform Super Shark Bomb, but is caught mid-incantation by the Double Lariat, beheading him. afterwards, Ei grabs Bee's face with his right hand, trying to cause as much harm as possible, as he is indirectly responsible for Ei losing his left arm.

Points of Interest

  • The kanji on the voodoo doll that Foo uses is 呪 (ju), which means "curse" or "spell".
  • Kisame Hokigaki did not actually die in this episode. It's part of an infiltration plan, and he is inside Samehada.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Naruto makes no appearance. None of the main cast appear.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Killer BeeEight-Tails Cloak: 7 Tails
Eight-Tails Cloak: 7 Tails Ver. 2 - Lariat
Ink Creation
Lightning Style - Pencil Throw
Double Lariat (with Ei Yotsuki)
FooMind Transfer Puppet Curse Jutsu
AoBarrier Ninjutsu
Kisame HoshigakiWater Style - Super Exploding Water Shock Wave
Water Prison Shark Dance Jutsu
Ei YotsukiLightning Style - Armor Jutsu
Double Lariat (with Killer Bee)

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