The Sword Dance of White and Black

The Sword Dance of White and Black is an anime episode of Sword Art Online that was released on 08/25/2012

After 2 years, people have got used to living in SAO, with a dwindling front line it might just be up to Kirito and Asuna to continue the charge.

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Plot Summary

Somewhere in a dark valley, Kirito fights a lizard warrior and defeats it barely. Two years has past since Kirito has been fighting in the front lines. In the forest, Kirito spots a rabbit and kills it. On the floor 50 Algade, Egil is awed with the rabbit meat (Ragout Rabbit), and Kirito says he will eat it. When Egil asks about who has a high cooking skill, Asuna appears with an older man. Kirito finds his chef, and he asks Asuna about her skills. Asuna is amazed at the item, and when Kirito states that he will let her have a bit, she wants half of the rabbit. Kirito apologizes to Egil that he is going to cook instead of selling the rare item. Egil wanted a taste, but Kirito teases the guy with a report. Outside, the escort asks Asuna about Kirito and realizes he is a beater. When the older gentlemen objects about letting Kirito enter Asuna's home, Asuna tells him to respect her request. On floor 61 Selmberg, Asuna prepares to cook the meat with vegetables into a stew, and she notes how cooking in this game is too simplistic. After an enjoyable meal, Asuna remarks about how two years made her feel like she was raised here for her entire life. When Kirito gives a look, Asuna tells him that she won't accept marriage proposals. Kirito states he is a solo player, and Asuna tells him that when they hit floor 70, the monster algorithms will be irregular. She tells Kirito that a solo player won't survive long, and she forces him to join her in a team when Kirito refuses to join a guild.

Next day, Kirito waits for Asuna who jumps out of the portal. She bumps into Kirito who falls down with her. Kirito grabs something soft and squeezes it multiple times. Asuna slaps him, and Kirito realizes he groped Asuna's breasts. Kuradeel (Asuna's escort) appears and tells Asuna that he is here to guard her 24/7. When he pulls Asuna, Kirito tells Kuradeel that Asuna is with him. Kuradeel challenges Kirito to a duel. As the duel starts, Kirito and Kuradeel charge at each other, and Kirito breaks Kuradeel's sword. Kuradeel loses, and he tries to stab Kirito with a dagger. Asuna protects Kirito with a swift sword swing to knock the dagger out of Kuradeel's hand. Asuna orders Kuradeel to leave. A man with the Laughing Coffin mark on his hand smiles at the match. Kirito tells Asuna to relax a day if she wants to.

In the dungeon on floor 74, Asuna and Kirito defeat an enemy with excellent teamwork. They arrive to a giant door, the boss room, and they see Gleam Eyes, a terrifying monster.

Points of Interest

  • 10-17-2024 - The episode starts on this date.
  • Cooking is seen for the first time in this episode.


  • Japanese Name: "Kuro to Shiro no Kenbu" (黒と白の剣舞)
  • Light Novel Chapter: Chapter 5-6 (Volume 1)
  • Opening Theme: "crossing field" By LiSA
  • Ending Theme: "Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ; Dream World)" by Haruka Tomatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy
Reki Kawahara Original Concept Light novel writer
LiSA LiSA is a Japanese singer who sings the "oath sign" in Fate Zero and "crossing field" in Sword Art Online.
Haruka Tomatsu "Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ; Dream World)" Ending Theme Song


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