The Sword and Dead

The Sword and Dead is an anime episode of Highschool of the Dead that was released on 08/30/2010

After narrowly escaping with their lives, Komuro and Saeko must make their way alone and rendezvous with the others. Saeko's true nature is revealed, and it begs the question: Is her beauty only skin deep?

Plot Summary

The episode opens where the last one left off as Takashi and Saeko witness the group being saved by a group of survivors led by Yuriko Takagi, Saya's mother. The two know that the group won't come to save them, so Takashi says that they will walk there as he knows the area. However, most of the blocks surrounding Takagi's house is full of zombies and is impenitrible. Takashi realizes that they'll need a vehicle to get through to which he and Saeko raid a motorcycle store, finding a tank-like truck that is also water safe. Takashi drives around the area and towards the river as he sees that zombies can not handle steep slopes or down stairs, but Saeko points out that they still get up, which causes Takashi to drive towards the river. They wait in the middle of the river as the zombies do not trail them.

On a sandbar, Saeko laments how her clothes got wet in the process as Takashi gives her a spare change of clothes until her uniform dries, asking her if she ever loved anyone to which she hints that she has. After some time, the two continue back on the mainland as Takashi heads towards a park, landing the truck in the fountain. He tapes the steering and gas pedal down, which cause the truck to circle in the fountain which will cause the undead to swarm to the fountain while they escape. However, while escaping, Saeko unleashes a mighty fury of attacks until seeing a group of children, infected by the virus. She is stuck in place until Takashi blows their heads of with a shotgun, leading Saeko to a nearby temple to allow her to get dry and wait until morning to continue.

As Saeko changes back to her uniform, she prompts Takashi to ask her why she froze. He gives in and asks as she claims she enjoys her power and could not be loved by anyone. Saeko reveals that four years ago, she was attacked by a stranger and broke his arm with her wooden sword in defense. She points out that she actually enjoyed it, having a defenseless prey that had to obey her power. Takashi says he can relate due to his incident with the man with braces but Saeko exclaims that he became that way after the outbreak while she was always like that. She curses herself until Takashi kisses her, calming her down.

The next morning, the two emerge from the temple only to find the zombies had flocked to their location. Takashi says he'll defend as Saeko runs ahead, but she seizes up again. Takashi, frustrated, gropes Saeko as he proclaims his admiration for her and that no matter what she is, he'll always see her as a good person. This motivates Saeko to use the samurai sword found in the temple to slice up the zombies on the grounds before continuing on the Takagi's house on the hill. Saeko asks that if Takashi will still feel the same about her after all of this, to which he says he will. However, when they finally get to Takagi's with Alice and Kohta greeting them, Takashi thinks to himself that he only said what he said in order to survive, not to make Saeko feel better.

Points of Interest

  • The events of this episode are out of continuity from the original manga story. These events originally happen after the groups escape from the Takagi Estate and not before the arrival.
  • The amphibious vehicle used in this episode was originally a gift the group was given while staying at the Takagi Estate.
  • Saeko stays in Takashi's shirt for longer in this episode than she does in the manga. In the manga, she changes back into her school top once they left the sandbar.
  • In the manga, Saeko had a katana from the beginning of these events. It was the Murata Katana she received from Soichiro Takagi.
  • Yuriko Takagi, Rei Miyamoto, and Shizuka Marikawa only appear in this episode during the replay of the previous episodes events at the beginning of the episode. Only Yuriko has any spoken lines.


  • Opening Theme: "HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD" by Kishida Kyodan and the Akeboshi Rockets
  • Ending Theme: "Jewel Spy" by Maon Kurosaki

Characters & Voice Actors

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Junichi Suwabe ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Shizuka Marikawa ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Shōji Sato Concept Artist Shouji Sato is a manga artist and writer. He is better known for being a co-creator and the artist for the manga series "Highschool of the Dead".
Steven Foster ADR Director (English) ADR Director for all of Dirty Pair, along with Pani Poni Dash
Tetsuro Araki Director Tetsuro Araki is a Japanese anime director who's famous for directing Death Note and Highschool of the Dead.
Yusuke Onoda Episode Director Yūsuke Onoda is a Japanese anime episode director.
Daisuke Sato Original Concept A writer in the field of manga and historical fiction. He is better known for being the co-creator and writer for the series "Highschool of the Dead".
Masayoshi Tanaka Character Artist/Designer
Tatsuya Takahashi Writer Tatsuya Takahashi Is a Japanese screenplay writer.
Takafumi Wada Music Takafumi Wada is a music composer for anime.


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