InuYasha #39 - The Struggle Continues

is a manga book published by Shogakukan that was released on 08/11/2009

Plot Summary

The evil Midoriko and Naraku both seek to restore the Shikon Jewel. To do this they must take the final shards from Koga and Kohaku. Then Inuyasha and the gang stumble across a new sword with some intriguing powers. Could this sword lead to a victory against both Midoriko and Naraku?

Chapter Titles

  • Scroll One: Sudden Change
  • Scroll Two: The Burial Ground of the Wolves
  • Scroll Three: The Guardian of the Treasure
  • Scroll Four: The Claws
  • Scroll Five: Mujina
  • Scroll Six: Just Causes
  • Scroll Seven: Trickery
  • Scroll Eight: Toshu
  • Scroll Nine: Ryujin's Shield
  • Scroll Ten: The Wielder of Dakki


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Rumiko Takahashi artist, cover, writer,


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