The Strongest Player

The Strongest Player is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 11/29/2012

A new player has joined Sakamoto’s team, but he carries a dark secret. Before the team could dive deeper into the new players past, a food drop overhead brings many players out of hiding.

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Plot Summary

Oda and Ryota race for the BIM
Oda and Ryota race for the BIM

Taira wakes up, and Date greets him. Taira is grateful to Date who fix Taira's wounds. Thinking to himself, Date plans to use Taira, and he wonders why he is here on this island again. Then, Ryota and Himiko arrive to the location, and Ryota demands Date to get away from Taira. Date explains that he is a doctor and that he has no intention to participate in the killing. Taira tells Ryota that Date is a good man while Himiko believe in Date. Ryota apologizes to Date, but he asks Date to show his BIM. Ryota and Himiko see one of the BIM is remote control and design in a way for traps. He believes Date who hasn't use him BIM, and Ryota explains his plans to Date. Then, Ryota states that they have three chips which provoke Himiko and Taira. Himiko looks away and wonders who is Date. Then, a helicopter flies by, and Ryota tells Taira that they will be back to get food. Date grins about his good fortune. Outside, Ryota senses a radar, and he uses his radar to sense six combatants nearby. Then, two retreated, and two are close by. Running besides Ryota, Ryota finds a man with sunglasses going towards the briefcase. The two jump off the edge only to tumble down the slope. Ryota finds the man staring him down, and both of them throw crackers at each other. Meanwhile,

Himiko claims she has the advantage
Himiko claims she has the advantage

Himiko finds herself near Hidemi who yelled out Oda's name. Hidemi attacks Himiko with a stick and knocks her out with a kick. She drops a timer BIM on Himiko. After the detonation, Ryota sees Oda throwing a BIM that unleashes a searing gas towards Date. Date makes a run, and detonates the briefcase. The briefcase drops down, and Ryota manages to catch it. Oda chases Ryota along the cliff. In the forest, Hidemi decides to leave the scene since she does not want to grab the chip. Out of the smokes, Himiko stuns Hidemi by applying her taser to Hidemi's stick. She notices Hidemi has Timer BIM and shows Hidemi her weapons, Cracker BIM and a taser.

Hidemi binds Himiko
Hidemi binds Himiko

Back on the cliffside, Ryota finds himself trapped in a vortex of flames, and Kira tells the old man to finish him off. Oda jumps into the flames and kicks Ryota. After stealing Ryota's briefcase, Oda jumps into the ocean. Ryota jumps into the sea once he gets hit by the old man's bomb. The old man goes off to get the briefcase. In the forest, Hidemi heckles Himiko, and when Himiko tries to attack Hidemi with a taser, Hidemi dodges and binds Himiko from behind. She brings down Himiko and starts to strange her while binding Himiko. Himiko refuses to give up, and she flips Hidemi who bumps her head into a tree. Hidemi tries to bash Himiko with a stick, and Himiko stuns Hidemi. She grabs Himiko's head and bangs it against the ground. Then, a bomb drops by, and both girls flee. Date strolls by to asks Himiko if she's okay, and Himiko starts to get suspicious of Date who almost killed her. Himiko thanks Date.

Oda is shocked to find Ryota still alive
Oda is shocked to find Ryota still alive

At the beach, Ryota emerges and looks behind the bounders. He spots the old man who is looking around. The old man spots a briefcase and grabs it. Though, he gets blasted by a BIM due to Oda's trap. Oda grabs the chip and the old man's BIM. Ryota threatens the man to drop the BIM and briefcase. Oda complies and drops four chips, his BIM bags, and the briefcase. Oda states that he has given up, and he asks if Ryota is scared. Ryota orders Oda to move away from the BIMs and chips. He is still suspicious about Oda and thinks Oda has set up a remote controlled BIM. Ryota asks Oda to reveal his palms only to find nothing there. He slowly walks up to the stuff, and Oda activates the BIM using his teeth. Oda thinks he got Ryota, but he finds Ryota still alive.

Points of Interest

  • Deaths in this episode: Unnamed old man
  • New BIM: There is a BIM that unleashes a scorching flames that trap the enemy.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Ryouta shows Date the chips that they have collected so far. This only appears in the anime.
  • Only in the manga, Gemu and the other Tyrannos Japan employees comment on Oda and Ryota's battle.
  • Censorship: The anime cover the old man's ripped torso region with grass. In the manga version, his torso is clearly shown with his guts all over the ground while his lower half is missing.


  • Japanese Name: 最強プレイヤー
  • Manga Chapter: 38 (starting from page 13) - 41 (pg. 25)
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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Junya Inoue Original Concept Manga Artist
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Storyboard Director.


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