The Strongest Fiancee On Earth

The Strongest Fiancee On Earth is an anime episode of Sumomomo Momomo that was released on 10/05/2006

In this episode, a young girl named Momoko tries to split a waterfall with a dragon summoned through her skill with martial arts, but can't quite do it. Her well-muscled father shows up and tells her that she is a girl, and therefore she will not be able to do it unless she marries a strong man and has a strong child with him. In the city, a boy named Koushi studies in school and prepares for the day he will become a great prosecutor. His father happens to be an accomplished martial artist, but he wants nothing to do with martial arts.

As you might expect, it doesn't take long before Momoko runs into Koushi, interpreting a string of accidents as proof that he is exactly the man she wants to marry and make babies with. She spies on him from afar at first, but then ends up introducing herself and immediately telling Koushi that she wants to have sex with him. Koushi's father also appears from behind, and after a brief sparring match with Momoko he ends up agreeing with her, telling Koushi to do it right under the bridge where Momoko has somehow already set up a bedspread for the two of them. Even so, Koushi refuses and reiterates his desire to be a prosecutor, not to mention that Momoko's blunt advances are creeping him the fuck out.

Momoko continues stalking Koushi as he walks to school, only to run into some thugs from earlier in the episode. He wants to ignore them, but Momoko convinces him to confront them anyway, having a vague memory of Koushi saving her from similar thugs when they were little kids. Koushi remembers that the real memory was of him being strung up on a jungle gym and harassed for trying to stand up for Momoko, but she doesn't seem to remember that detail. In any case, he tries using logic and reasoning to tell the thugs how they could be punished under the law for their actions. When that doesn't work, he resorts to name-calling. The thugs proceed to insult both him and Momoko, causing her to get angry and unleash her Limit Break technique upon them, sending them flying.

Momoko still thinks of herself as Koushi's wife, while Koushi just wants to go back to school.

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