The Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 05/05/2012

Episode 5: The Spirit of Competition

As the pro-bending championship gets underway, Korra takes time off to play with her team in the league's biggest event of the year. However, complications between team mates begin to manifest as the unity of the group is soon diminished. Players come to grips with their emotions as they need to remember how team work is supposed to go or lose early.

Plot Summary

As the Fire Ferrets train for the up and coming tournament, Korra tells them that she has taken a leave of absence from the Task Force Tarrlok set up so she could play. Bolin considers asking Korra out on a date but Mako refutes this, stating it is a bad idea for team mates to date one another. He doesn't listen to his brother as he chooses to go through with it anyway. On Air Temple Island, Ikki and Jinora pester Korra about the boy she likes, revealing it to be Mako as they come up with several lewd ideas before Pema tells Korra how she and Tenzin met. Its best not to let things fester and to simply come out in the open and tell the person how you feel as opposed to beating around the bush. Korra notes that this is probably the best thing to do and vows she will confess to Mako about how she feels.

Tahno tries to intimidate the group
Tahno tries to intimidate the group

The next night, the Pro-Bending Tournament takes place as the Fire Ferrets sweep the floor with their first team. After the match, when the two are alone, Korra tries to get Mako to go out with him before blurting out how she feels. Mako apologizes as he tells her that he is in a relationship with Asami and can't do anything. Disheartened, Asami comes in to congradulate the team as Bolin offers to take Korra out. She is reluctant at first but figures she could hang out with a friend as they head to a Water Tribe restaurant. While there, they encounter Tahno, a water bender from the Wolfbats, the reigning champions for three years in a row. He attempts to coax Korra into a fight but she summons Naga instead to ruffle his feathers as she and Bolin continue to enjoy the night. However, Mako confronts Korra as he thinks she is trying to get back at him by attacking his brother. She deduces that she is jealous as they get ready for their next match.

Things don't go as smoothly for the Fire Ferrets in the second game as Bolin tries to pep talk his team as they are busy arguing with each other. When it ends in a tie, he elects to take the fight and wins. Mako and Korra discuss their issues as she kisses Mako after admits hat he does like her. Bolin sees this and runs off as Mako blames Korra and Korra puts the blame on his shoulders. After finding Bolin at their favorite restaurant, he tries to drag his brother back to the arena as Bolin is infuriated with him; yelling at him and calling him a traitor as he knew how he felt about Korra. they have to put their differences aside since it is the semi-final match.

Korra's hat trick
Korra's hat trick

The group deteoriates even further as during the fight, Bolin becomes injured and they are down by two points. As Mako and Bolin are knocked out, they come to atruce about Korra and forgive one another. They stop as they see Korra dodging the attacks the other team is throwing at them and is able to use a water whip to knock all three opponents out of the ring, earning a knock out victory for the team. Korra apologizes to the brothers for what happened as she goes to heal Bolin. Asami is thrilled to see them in the finals as Tahno and his teammates go to face their match. As the group converses, they hear the victory bell, shocked to see that the Wolfbat's beat their opponents in less than two minutes.

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Ki Hyun Ryu Director Ki Hyun Ryu is a notable animation director.
Joaquim Dos Santos Director Joaquim Dos Santos is a notable animation director.
Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.


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