The Southern Air Temple

The Southern Air Temple is an anime episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender that was released on 02/25/2005

Book One: Water Ch. 3

The Southern Air Temple

Aang shows Katara and Sokka his old Air Temple, but will it be the same as he remembers?

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Katara expresses her doubt about the air temples and if anyone had survived, and Aang is still excited to see his home. He wakes up Sokka by lying about a snake inside Sokka's sleeping bag. Meanwhile, Zuko tells Iroh not to mention the Avatar's name because the others might hunt him down. Then, Commander Zhao appears and asks them about how their ship got damaged. Zuko and Iroh make up a lie about confronting an Earth Kingdom's ship. Curious about Zuko's tale, Zhao asks Zuko to share more of his story. In the skies, Aang tells Sokka that he used the jerky as fuel for fire. Arriving to the Southern Air Temple, Katara reminds Aang to be prepare himself, but Aang thinks the Fire Nation cannot reach the temple without a Sky Bison. In Zhao's study, he asks Zuko about his hunt for the Avatar and if Zuko has found anything. Zhao's soldier informs Zhao about the Avatar from one of Zuko's soldiers. In the vicinity of the air temple, Aang gives them a tour, and he sees how empty the place is. Taking the cue, Sokka asks Aang how their games work in order to cheer him up. After Sokka gets knocked off his feet, he spots a Fire Nation's soldier helmet. Before Aang can get to it, Katara buries it with snow, and Sokka comments that she cannot hide the truth from Aang. Aang shows his friends a statue of Monk Gyatso, his best friend.

In a flashback, Aang is not sure if he is ready and Gyatso tells Aang that he will know the answers soon by going into the Air Temple Sanctuary. Gyatso asks Aang to help him throw pies at the monks with airbending. Katara tells Aang that no one has survived, and Aang opens the door via airbending. Back at Zhao's place, Zhao places Zuko under house arrest, and inside the sanctuary, Aang the gang look at the statues that comprise of different benders who are lined in an order: air, water, earth, and fire. This means that these statues represent the past lives of the Avatar. Aang glances at Avatar Roku which he knows the name. When a mysterious figure appear, Sokka gets ready to attack, yet it turns out to be a lemur. Sokka attempts to eat it while Aang chases to make the lemur his friend. Zhao informs Zuko that he is ready to hunt the Avatar, and when Zuko states that he will find him first, Zhao comments that Zuko is a disgrace to the Fire Nation. Zuko challenges Zhao to an Agni Kai.

Outside of the air temple, Aang continues to pursue the lemur which leads him to a disclosed location. He sees the remains of Fire Benders and the skeleton of Gyatso, and Aang breaks down into tears. Sokka finds Aang who activates his Avatar Mode. Meanwhile, Katara sees all the statues light up, and the others sees a light from certain locations in other parts of the world. Sokka informs Katara about what has happened, and Katara hurries to calm down Aang. In the Agni Kai match, Iroh reminds Zuko of the basics, and Zuko and Zhao prepare to fight. Zhao manages to evade and nullify Zuko's attacks, and he pushes Zuko with repeated attacks. Then, Zuko sweeps Zhao off his feet and manages to defeat Zhao. When Zhao asks him to do it, Zuko refuses. From behind, Zhao attacks Zuko, but Iroh blocks it. Iroh states that his nephew is more honorable than Zhao. With Katara's words, she manages to calm down Aang and as she comforts Aang, Aang states that he is the last Air Bender. In the santuary, the lemur brings food, and Aang names the lemur, Momo.

Points of Interest

  • The Avatar Cycle is air, water, earth, and fire.
  • This episode marks the first time that an Agni Kai match is revealed.
  • First Debuts: Momo the lemur and Zhao appears for the first time in this episode.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.


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