The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck

The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 01/14/2011


The Souls of the Dead Raise a Shipwreck - "Shisha no Tamashii ga Nanpasen o Oshiageru" (死者の魂が難破船をおしあげる)

Kazuya and Victorique find themselves on the Queen Berry, a yacht that has a deadly history/game ten years ago. With the game revived, they must survive and solve the mystery as many passengers die in the game.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa

Upon boarding the ship, Kazuya and Victorique quickly find themselves entangled in another mystery. Someone drugs the food to make the passengers all fall asleep, then moves them to another room that is littered with deadly traps.

Victorique notes that there were 11 people at the dinner table, but 12 in the room, so one of them has to be the culprit. Kujo notices a replica of the Queen Berry on a stand, however, when he goes to investigate, he is nearly killed by an arrow bolt. the shock of the incident causes him to fall, where he remembers reading the story of the Queen Berry, being a ghost ship, returning 10 years after its sinking. Victorique laughs at his story, taking it for a joke. the power goes out, and when it it returns, a sign appears on the far wall, written in red, saying (when translated from French to English),

It was ten years ago,

but it seems like yesterday.

This time, it's your turn.

The box has been prepared.

So... "my hares",


However, This causes the passengers freak out and some try to escape in a lifeboat, only to get swamped by a large wave. The remaining half find themselves trapped in a room on a ship and have to find the true killer before they are all eliminated.

Closing Theme

"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hitoshi Nanba Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED
Kotaro Nakagawa Music


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