The Songstress' Past

The Songstress' Past is an anime episode of Valkyria Chronicles that was released on 07/11/2009

Plot Summary

With the rest of Squad 7 all gloomy, Eleanor tells everyone to relax and that they will have a simple banquet. As everyone leaves, Eleanor tells Faldio to slow down. Faldio asks Welkin about some doing some skits, and he comments he can't stand idly by while is country is still at war. He informs Welkin that he has fallen head over heels for Alicia and states that Welkin and Alicia's relationship is strange. Welkin says his relationship is just between superior and subordinate.

In a Squad 7 meeting, Welkin request Rosie to sing, but Rosie tells them that she is not in a mood to sing because of Darcsens. Isara looks sad once Rosie makes that comment. Welkin tells Alicia that he will go after Rosie. In the woods, Welkin talks about the birds, and Rosie gets angry with Welkin. She tells Welkin to order her due to the bet, yet Welkin will not do that. Meanwhile, Ramal sees Isara washing the Edelweiss, and while Isara recalls Rosie's comment, Ramal startles Isara who splashes him with water. Ramal tells Isara that he is envious of Isara's courage to keep moving forward in the battle of Fouzen. Meanwhile, Isara chats with Rosie, and she tells Rosie that she wants to get along with her. Furthermore, she wants Rosie to treat her as Isara and states that Rosie is bind by her past. Rosie begins explaining her past.

As a little girl, Rosie sings beautifully for her parents, and the Imperials are conducting Darcsen hunts. One day, a group of Darcsens storms into her home and threatens her parents to let them hide. Then, an Imperial soldier enter the home and insist on searching the house. The group of Darcsens come out when they misunderstood the situation and feel that Rosie's parents betrayed them. The Darcsen man unleash gun fire on the Imperial soldier and Rosie's parents, and the group of Darcsen men are shocked at what they have done. After they flee the scene, Rosie sees her parents breathing their last words. Before they died, her parents tell Rosie that they wanted to hear her sing again.

After Isara finds the truth, she tells Welkin that she will not come to the performance. When Alicia hears this, she tells Faldio that she cannot stand Welkin. Faldio goes out to chat with Isara, and he grabs her to the party. Rosie comes by to sing, and Isara is happy. As Rosie sings, Edy and Susie tease Alicia about Faldio. After the performance, Faldio confesses to Alicia that he likes her, and at the same time, Welkin is looking around.

Points of Interest

Video Game Differences

In the video game, Rosie did not tell Isara her tragic past. Plus, she did not have the chance to sing for Isara due to certain circumstances later on in the video game's story.

In the video game, Isara dies in Marberry Shore after Rosie makes a promise with Isara who wanted to hear Rosie sing.

Characters & Voice Actors

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