Shaman King #10 - The Song of Doom

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 09/05/2006

Plot Summary

Japanese Release Date: November 2, 2000

American Release Date:

January 2, 2007

Chapter List:

*New minor characters not in wiki: Lilirara, 3 shamans (killed) by Hao, Lilirara's 4 Seminole ghosts, Billy Anderson (Trunk driver)
Mikihisa makes his first appearance in the manga.

Character Profiles in this volume
Lilirara's birthday: Oct. 26, 1967. She is 32 years old at September 2000 (manga) Her sign is Scorpio and blood type is O. She is a Seminole medicine woman.

Lyserg's birthday: May 17, 1986 and he is 14 years old as of September 2000 (manga) His sign is Taurus and his blood type is AB.

Savage Pan's birthday: August 18. He is 35 years old, his sign is Leo, and blood type is B. (he is dead in this volume)

Reincarnation 81 - Route 66 Turbo
Ryu uses his jumbo thumb oversoul to hitch a ride. His thumb attracts the farmer, Billy, who drives the shamans to the town, Yonte Fe. Ren and others ask the townsfolk if they know where the Patch tribe is. Eventually they arrive to a library where the librarian finds a book that contains the Seminoa Song, the only information that alludes to the Patch tribe. It turns out that the song and the tournament to decide Shaman King coincides with the massacre of the Seminoles, so Ren suggests that the Patch wiped Seminoa out. Yoh refuses to believe Silva and the Patch are evil, so the librarian gives info about a Seminole woman who lives in town. Meanwhile, Lilirara prepares to meet the Yoh and his friends.

Reincarnation 82 - the Song of Doom- 500 Year-Old Memories
Lilirara wants Yoh and his friends to go home, and that if they continue to aid the Patch in the Shaman fight, she will kill them. However, Yoh and Horohoro refuse to believe their Patch friends (Silva and Kalim) are evil, so Lilirara sends her wooden dolls to attack Yoh and friends. Lilirara's trick works when the ghosts comes out of the Kanachi dolls to possess Ren and friends. This puts them in an illusion of dismemberment and the pain that the Seminole ghosts felt 500 years ago. Yoh wants to see the truth through Lilirara's ghosts and allows her ghosts to integrate with them, flooding their minds with powerful memories.

Reincarnation 83 - The Destoyer Stands Waiting
At the Lucky mountains around 500 years ago, the Seminole warriors discover the Patch's true desires: to create an empire of strong Shamans only.
 Jophia Dreisa Nitzva Ian
The evil Patch looks like Silva's ancestor. Nitzva and Jophia are the first ones to fall to the Patch man with Ian following closely after. Dreisa (Yoh's ghost) is the last one to be killed, and Yoh sees through Dreisa's eyes that this man is Hao because his gestures (placing his hand on his chin) reveal the pentagram earrings and gloves that Hao always wore, and the Spirit of Fire appears. After the flashbacks, Horohoro yells out demanding why Hao is there so long ago. Lilirara's true mission in life is to stop people from being deceived (by the Patch)

Reincarnation 84 - Lilirara's Fate
Lilirara learns that Hao is the evil patch who was exiled. 
However, 3 unknown male Shamans appear and try to attack Lilirara when she refuses to show them where the Patch village is. Immediately, Yoh, Ren, and Ryu arm themselves with their oversouls. Horohoro who is disillusioned attacks the three Shamans, crying about what will happen to his dream to create a field of butterbur. Lilirara laughs out loud for the first time because of Horohoro's dream, and she gives the location of Patch village to Yoh and friends. After Yoh and friends leave Lilirara to head over to the Patch tribe, Hao immediately stabs Lilirara in the back with the Spirit of Fire. He states that the purpose for her existence is over.

Reincarnation 85 - The Flames of Ambition
 The three shamans from the previous days (Mr. Little Lake, Savage Pan, Green Garam) see Hao, and he uses his ghost to incinerate them into ashes because they are weak and insignificant shamans. Lilirara is never heard of again.
Yoh hears Lilirara's voice and thinks she is in trouble, but Horohoro and Ryu reassure Yoh that Lilirara must be okay otherwise she would have sent her ghosts to them. During the night, Yoh tells his friends he will stop Hao Asakura from reaching his goal. In the morning, Ren decides to make Yoh the leader and makes Ryu and Horohoro mad (because he implies they are weak) but Ryu and Horohoro agree on making Yoh the leader.
Lyserg steps in and makes an appearance.
Reincarnation 86 - Dowsing Revolution
 Lyserg introduces himself to Yoh's group. Lyserg is from England, and his goal is to be world's greatest detective, and his ghost is Morphea. Ryu is shocked that Lyserg is a guy which prompts Lyserg to further prove it by flashing everyone (his underwear in the English version). Lyserg then shows off his dowsing abilities and pendulum. He explains that it is similar to the Japanese Kokkuri Board which reminds Ryu of Ponchi and Conchi. Lyserg tells Yoh that he is looking for the Patch Village, and the pendulum directed him to Yoh's group, so he wants to join. Horohoro is suspicious of him and gets attacked by Lyserg who came to the conclusion that they'll only let him join if he proves that he is the strongest shaman there. When Lyserg gets the upper hand on Horohoro because of the homing pendulum, Ren jumps in to attack Lyserg. However, Lyserg cuts Ren and Horohoro with the wire of the pendulum, which surprises Yoh and friends. Ryu is in shock and Yoh will not let Lyserg join them because the kid hurt his friends.
Reincarnation 87 - Lyserg the Avenger
 Lyserg's flashback is revealed in this chapter. His parents are great detectives who leave Lyserg for a job about sporadic murders. However,  Lyserg finds his parents dead, and Hao walks pass him telling him that they paid the price for not joining him. Lyserg who trains hard to become like his parents lashes out at Hao, but he defeats him easily.
In the present, Lyserg struggles to show that he is not weak and attacks Yoh. However, Yoh easily breaks his pendulum by facing it head on and not running.

Reincarnation 88 - Memories of Big Ben
 Lyserg equips his crystal pendulum (stronger than the first one) and forms a Big Ben Clock tower in the form of the wire. (Technique: Big Ben Wire Frame) However, Yoh makes the same face as Hao in Lyserg's flashback as he destroys the wire with Amida-Style Halo Blade. Yoh asks Lyserg who he is really fighting because Yoh figured out that Lyserg wasn't being serious. Yoh comments that Lyserg is the weakest shaman, and that Horohoro and Ren were only caught off-guard. The chapter ends with Yoh hitting Lyserg for being selfish, but he agrees to hear Lyserg's story at the hospital.
Reincarnation 89 - Family Resemblance
At the hospital, Horohoro and Ryu cry buckets after they hear Lyserg's sad story. Lyserg tries to leave as a way of apologizing for giving them so much trouble. Ren tells him that he should stop being selfish; Ren also says that he agrees to let Lyserg join their team because of their common goal to stop Hao.
At the diner, Lyserg wonders why Yoh looks like Hao, and why Hao wants Yoh to join him. Hao wants strong shamans, but Ren is also quite strong, so why does Hao want Yoh, but not Ren? Yoh stares at the sky and asks Amidamaru if Hao has any good in him since he believes that people who can see ghosts must be good.
Meanwhile, Mikihisa spies on Yoh and informs his father, Yohmei, that Hao has made an appearance.
At Izumo, Yohmei asks Anna to follow him to learn the Asakura family's true objective, defeating Hao Asakura.
Bonus: Funbari Stories--Four-Leaf Clover


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