The Skull Man Characters

The Skull Man is an anime series in the The Skull Man franchise
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Hayato Mikogami

The employee of a second rate newspaper, who decides to return to his hometown of Otomo City to search for the legendary figure, Skull Man due to rumors of him killing an actress.

Joe Shimamura

Jo Shimamura is also known as Cyborg 009.

Kiriko Mamiya

A 16 year old girl aspiring to be photographer who Hayato Mikogami helps get into Otomo City. Kiriko decides to stick with him and help in his work.

Reina Shingyouji

A mysterious woman that is seen working with Skull Man.

Sayoko Karasuma

Yui's assistant who is a mutant. She transformed for the first time to save Yui, but is later killed by the Skull Man.


The Skull (Man)or Black Ghost is the leader of a secret organization that creates wars and sells superweapon's (laser guns,hover vehicles, and cyborg-solders) to both sides of the war and is the archenemy of 009 Cyborg(s) heroes.


Created in 1970 by the great mangaka Shotaro Ishinomori, Skullman is the first anti-hero in the manga genre, he is also renowned by many Tokusatsu fans for being the prototype for all Kamen Riders.

Yui Onizuka

A Stage Actress from the Skull Man anime.

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