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The Sketchbook is a band formed by the members of Sket Dan: Bossun, Himeko, and Switch; after each of their respective bands were unable to perform at the Kaimei Rock Festival.


The Kaimei Rock Festival is a unique school festival that is held at Kaimei High School. This festival is a live contest event where students that are interested may form bands and compete amongst each other. The winning band is then patronized and looked up to by the entire school.


Initially, the Sket Dance members Bossun, Himeko, and Switch, were not planning on creating a band together. In fact, each one of them had their own band that they were going to be a part of and compete against each other during the rock fest.

The Sket Bombers
The Sket Bombers

Bossun, who was a complete beginner to music, was recommended by Himeko to attempt playing the bass guitar for its simplicity. Bossun, determined to learn how to play it, practices for three days straight in hopes of being recruited by any competing band. Luckily, a student named Seiji was looking for a bassist for his band and chooses Bossun after being impressed with his practicing. Bossun then joins Seiji's band as the bass guitarist, which is later named The Sket Bombers.

Yabasawa Books
Yabasawa Books

Himeko, who reveals that she does know how to play the guitar, was invited by Yabasawa to play as the guitarist for her band, Yabasawa Books. Moe Yabasawa is the vocalist of the band, Sacchin on keyboard, Yosshi on drums, and Yumi on bass.


Switch, who was thought to not be able to play an instrument, reveals that he is secretely learning how to play the drums. In the meantime, he was invited by Otakura to join their band. Switch uses his computer skills and ambidextrous ability to play the finger drums on his laptop. Otakura's band is called Ch-Ch.

Unfortunately, these newly formed bands were quickly disbanded as each one of them had a reason for them not to be able to perform. For Yabasawa Books, Yabasawa catches the flu and gives it to all the other members exept for Himeko. Since they are all sick, they wouldn't be able to practice for the festival on time. As for Switch, his band wouldn't agree on anything, and because of that, it was forced to get disbanded. Finally, Bossun's band was forced to break after one of their members breaks their arm.

Bossun naming "The Sketchbook"
Bossun naming "The Sketchbook"

Bossun, Himeko, and Switch, still very passionate about performing in the rock fest, decide to join up and create their own band. Bossun uses a piece of each of their former band names to construct a new band name for themselves. He uses the "Sket" from "Sket Bombers", "Ch" from "Ch-Ch", and "Book" from "Yabasawa Books" to create the name "The Sketchbook".

The Sketchbook live performance
The Sketchbook live performance

During the Kaimei Rock Festival, The Sketchbook's performed "道 - Michi" as their opening song, and they concluded their performance by playing "Funny Bunny" by The Pillows. However, in the manga, The Sketchbook only performed "Funny Bunny" by The Pillows. Although they didn't win first place, The Sketchbook managed to be awarded for the festival's "best song".


Bossun is the bass guitarist and vocalist of the band The Sketchbook and he is the one who came up with the band's name. Bossun was originally the bass guitarist of the band Sket Bombers.
Hiroshi Tada provides the voice of Bossun's singing voice and he plays Bossun's bass guitar music.
Himeko is the guitarist of the band The Sketchbook. She was originally the guitarist of the Yabasawa Books band.
Riko Kohara is the guitarist that plays as Himeko.
Switch plays the drums for the band The Sketchbook. He was originally the finger drummer of the Ch-Ch band.
Yuu Watanabe is the drummer that plays as Switch.

The "Real-Life" Sketchbook Band

Left to Right: Yuu Watanabe, Hiroshi Tada, Riko Kohara
Left to Right: Yuu Watanabe, Hiroshi Tada, Riko Kohara
Hiroshi Tada (多田 宏, Tada Hiroshi) is the vocalist and bassist of the real-life version of The Sketchbook. In the animated version (i.e. The Sket Dan version of The Sketchbook), he plays as Bossun.
Riko Kohara (小原 莉子, Kohara Riko) is the guitarist of the real-life version of The Sketchbook. In the animated version (i.e. The Sket Dan version of The Sketchbook), she plays as Himeko.
Yuu Watanabe (渡邊 悠, Watanabe Yuu) is the drummer of the real-life version of The Sketchbook. In the animated version (i.e. The Sket Dan version of The Sketchbook), he plays as Switch.
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Concept Name The Sketchbook
Japanese Name: スケッチブック
Romaji Name: Sukecchibūku
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Sket Dance #17
1st anime movie:
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