The Skeleton's Song

The Skeleton's Song is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 03/15/1979

Plot Summary

"No matter where on travels, within the heart of a man, it is said that one can hear a faraway planet crying. They say that it is the crying sound of the frustration from the continued betraying of the man of bones, Horohoro. People say that only men can hear this song of air holes." - Narrator

Horohoro selling eggs
Horohoro selling eggs
Maetel and Tetsuro exit the GE999 on the Planet That Sings Songs of Yesteryear for a 22 hour layover. While checking into their hotel, the man working the front desk warns them to avoid solicitors on the planet. Once they reach their room, Maetel decides to take a bath while Tetsuro lays out on the bed. While Maetel is bathing, Tetsuro hears a man outside selling eggs. Tetsuro speaks to the man and invites him to stop by later and the man agrees. After bathing, Maetel tells Tetsuro that she is going to take care of some business and may be gone all day. Tetsuro, barely able to hold in his delight, wishes her well and awaits the egg dealer's return.
Tetsuro is frightened of Horohoro's true form
Tetsuro is frightened of Horohoro's true form
A short while later, the egg dealer arrives and Tetsuro agrees to buy ten eggs for him. The two begin to strike up a conversation about life on the planet and the man introduces himself as Horohoro and tells Tetsuro that he is selling eggs and other things so that he can buy back his girlfriend, who left the planet years ago in search of a better job. In an act of kindness, Tetsuro tells him to relax and take off his coat and hat. The man is leery to do such but he eventually agrees to. Tetsuro is horrified when he discovers that the man is a skeleton and cowers in fear of him. The man is hurt by Tetsuro's reaction and tries to calm down Tetsuro, but it doesn't work. Maetel enters the room and pulls her gun out, telling the man to leave or he will be shot. Not wanting to cause trouble, the man agrees and exits through the window.
Horohoro's Girlfriend's boyfriend cold clocks Tetsuro
Horohoro's Girlfriend's boyfriend cold clocks Tetsuro
While dining at the hotel's restaurant, Tetsuro and Maetel overhear a rich couple enjoying themselves. Horohoro can be heard outside of the window selling eggs and the woman asks the waiters to close it because of the noise, saying that Horohoro is a nuisance and revealing that she is actually his long lost girlfriend. Tetsuro confronts her and she tells him that she has found a much better life where she can have fun and doesn't have to work all the time and that she will never return to Horohoro or live on the planet again. This angers Tetsuro and he eventually gets into an altercation with her new boyfriend before leaving.
Tetsuro on the run from the law
Tetsuro on the run from the law
Later that night, Tetsuro leaves to apologize to Horohoro and tell him about his girlfriend. After finding him, Horohoro says that he saw her at the hotel but didn't speak to her when he saw her new boyfriend. Horohoro says that this isn't the first time she has betrayed him and that every time she has, he lost a bone in his body. Horohoro begins to get more and more enraged at himself and his girlfriend and eventually says that he is going to kill her. Tetsuro tries to stop him but Horohoro knocks him out. The next day, Horo, disguised as Tetsuro, visits his girlfriend and murders her and her boyfriend. Tetsuro awakens at the Galaxy Railways train station with a basket of eggs near him. Maetel arrives and tells him that he is wanted for suspicion of murder and that they have to make it back to the GE999, where they will be beyond the jurisdiction of local law enforcement. The two make a break for it and barely make it back aboard.

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