The Signal is the Bombardment! CP9 made its Move

The Signal is the Bombardment! CP9 made its Move is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 08/21/2005

Water Seven Arc

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The episode opens with the crews conversation on the roof about going after Robin, Kalifa's questioning about Robin's wanted poster, and the enetants of a few episodes ago of CP-9 members talking to Robin.

The carpenters around Iceburg's home discuss the security of the building.

The crew are keeping an eye out for any movement. Nami is aghast at Luffy's sudden restraint.

The opening starts.

The Galley-La foremen wait outside Iceburg's bedroom. Inside, Iceburg asks Kalifa to leave the room and send Paulie inside. Kaku asks what they have to talk about, but he's unaware. Tilestone thinks it for a will, and everyone present decks him out and three feet from where he was sitting.

Paulie enters and the others step away from the door, for privacy's sake. Paulie talks with Iceburg, but the contents are unheard. He agrees to something and leaves.

Elsewhere in Iceburg's home, Paulie follows the directions he was given.

Outside on the roofs, Robin's partner gets a call. A distorted female voice gives them their orders.

There is a sudden explosion in the middle of the carpenters outside Iceburg's home. Robin is on the move with this person, and Iceburg's home is packs with people moving about.

Tilestome bursts into Iceburg's room to check on his condition. Tilestone and Lulu run off after the disguised assailants. Rob Lucci and Kaku are the only ones who remain on guard.

New masked people are running about and seem to have incredible abilities.

The crew watch from the tree calmly as they witness the havoc going on not far from where they are hiding. They talk about a plan of action, but they didn't notice that Luffy has already left.

Robin and her partner seem to be cornered. Their backs are to a wall. The man waves a cape before them and the carpenters open fire. The cape falls and no one is there.

On the roof, this mask woman makes short work of the guards. She seems to move in midair.

Back inside, two new masked men appear. Paulie claims what he was sent after, but is discovered by these new opponents. Oddly enough, they openly admit they are with the Cipher Pol No. 9, the CP-9's full name.

In a hallway that is outside of Iceburg's room, Robin's tall partner puts hims body to the wall and she uses as a door to enter the room. This person tells Iceburg that he ate the Door-Door Fruit and can open doors anywhere he wishes. He suddenly pulls a pistol and shots Iceburg's shoulder. This wasn't to kill him, but to weaken him.

Iceburg realizes this is the CP-9 and that he's wronged the Straw Hat crew. The goal has always been to claim the plans he's hidden.

The big man says he will take care of the carpenters outside, and orders Robin to be the one to finish Iceburg off when the time comes. The plan is to put all the blame on Luffy's crew.

Nami rushes Galley-La's company with a plan. Since Luffy has a tenancy to just burst out and make a scene. He's most likely distracted the front guards enough so their forces will be at a minimum. Allowing them easy access inside. For once Luffy's recklessness comes into their favor. They all jump the gate. Nami has an amazing jump. They land and the front is completely crowded with people. There is no chaos.

Luffy was trying to crash through the front. In haste, he managed to get himself stuck between two buildings.

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Eiichiro Oda Concept Artist Eiichiro Oda is the creative mind behind the popular manga/anime One Piece series.


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