The Ship of Mu

The Ship of Mu is an anime episode of Toward the Terra that was released on

Plot Summary

This episode begins with Jomy surrounded by troops and deemed inadequate to live. Jomy suddenly hears a voice in is head telling him to run left and jump from the cliff. The soldiers open fire but the bullets are stopped by a force-field as Jomy stands there confused. Jomy finally follows the mysterious voice and is caught below by a ship. Jomy enters the ship and escapes with the stranger. He introduces himself as Leo and after Jomy demands to be spoken to normally he replies that he is mute and can only communicate thought thought waves. Leo tells Jomy that what he was taught up till now is all a lie and he must remember that. Jomy is taken to the Mu mother-ship, Shangri La.

Upon landing on the ship Jomy is greeted by Harley, the captain of the Shangri La, and the other Mu. Jomy is overwhelmed by all the Mu speaking to him mentally and is angered by them inside his head. He states that he is not a monster like them, he is not their friend and he does not like them.

When Jomy awakes the next day Leo takes him to the professor aboard the ship, the professor ask Jomy what he knows about the Mu and gives him the real history of the Mu. The professor tells Jomy that hundreds of years ago by the time humans realized their mistakes Earth was ruined to a point where i could not be recovered. Pollution continued to progress and greenery would no longer grow. Fish disappeared from the oceans, which were once the source of life. Humanity finally concluded that they were suffocating Earth. Recommendations were made to emigrate to other planets. Then came population control. Regulations on childbirth. Then prohibition of natural childbirth, followed by an educational system where adoptive parents would raise children under the watchful eye of Universal Control. To ensure that this perfectly controlled society is not disturbed the educated children go though an adult examination to determine whether they are adequate or inadequate. He says that the Mu are secretly eliminated. He says that most Mu are physically weak and pehaps they were given abilities to make up for their weaknesses.

While on the bridge of the ship he overhears some Mu disliking that Jomy is still aboard the ship when he stated his hatred toward them. The elders plea to Soldier Blue that Jomy should leave due to his hatred toward the Mu and he shows no signs of Mu powers despite his overly strong mental waves. Soldier Blue tells them that they should be patient.

Jomy is confused in what to believe in, what he was taught or what the Mu are telling him now. Jomy sees an image of Soldier Blue and it leads him to a place where the Mu children are playing. The children gather around but a teenage Mu tells Jomy that he should leave because he is a filthy human. The two of them get into a fight an Jomy seriously injures the young Mu boy. Harley stops Jomy and tells him if he realized what he had done. He states that the young Mu didn't used his Mu powers when he knew Jomy had the upper-hand in terms of physical strength, and the Mu are not monsters willing to throw around their powers. Jomy tells Harley that all the other Mu stare at him and spread rumors about him behind his back, and if he is such a bother why did they even save him. Harley tells Jomy that if they didnt interfere Universal Control would have killed him.

Jomy runs off and ends up in Miss Physis' room, the one he kept seeing in his dreams. She tells Jomy that she is a fortune teller for the Mu and states that she has been waiting for him. She senses sadness in Jomy's heart and tells him that she was saved much like Jomy 50 years ago by Soldier Blue. Jomy wonders why she looks youthful if she is so old and is told that the Mu do not age like normal humans. He asks since Solder Blue is the one who order him to be brought to the ship why didnt he show himself to Jomy. Physis explains that Soldier Blue is very tired and used up too much of his powers in order to save him. She pleas Jomy to make Blue’s wish come true, something that only he can do. Jomy says it doesnt concern him and runs off. Jomy communicates with Blue mentally and heads to his room. He sees Soldier Blue resting and angrily asks why he was shown visions in his dreams about the Mu, if he did not interfere he would have passed his adult examination. Soldier Blue asks what Jomy wants to do and Jomy wants to go back to Ataraxia. Soldier Blue accepts and orders Leo to take him back.

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