The Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit

The Sexual Harrassment Lawsuit is an anime episode of And Yet The Town Moves that was released on 10/14/2010


"The Sexual Harrassment lawsuit" vol.1 chapter 3

Hotori Arashiyama can't stop dreaming about her teacher (from last episode) and is finding her family at home to be annoying, so she decides to have some curry at the Seaside Cafe despite it being her day off. Her friend Toshiko is also there, thinking that Hiroyuki would come into the shop even though he did not. The old woman tells Hotori to choose either getting some more ingredients for curry (potatoes and onions) or pay for the food she ate. Hotori decides to take the motor scooter and grab the ingredients.

As she jets down the streets, she runs into a policeman and hits him square in the crotch. He is not too pleased about her riding around on the scooter but she escapes and goes to the shop. Unfortunately, she can't remember what she went to get for the old woman, and just grabs some potatoes and carrots.

"Shop girls are sophisticated" vol.1 chapter 8

Later, Hotori tries to find ways to attract customers to the cafe. First by sticking up several paper arrows leading to the cafe. She manages to attract a few older men, but then inadvertently insults them when she argues with Toshiko over whether or not it was a good idea to put them up. The same policeman from before mentions that he yanked them all down and threatens Hotori if she tries to pull another stunt like that again.

Toshiko then comes up with an idea to make a big sign instead of that small piece of paper taped outside. Using an old bedsheet and some paint, they make a better sign for the maid cafe, but after hanging it up they discover it's just sharing space with a dentist's ad billboard. Enraged, Hotori gets a handsaw and tries to cut the sign down when the dentist who put up the ad catches her trying to saw off a post in broad daylight. The three staff members are forced to apologize for their act before the police get involved.

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Akiyuki Shinbo Director Akiyuki Shinbo is an anime director.
Masakazu Ishiguro Original Concept Creator of the Sore Machi (Yet, the town keeps Turning) manga series.
Masahiro Yoshida Key Animator
Hidetoshi Omori Associate Director


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