The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is a anime/manga concept
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The Seven Deadly Sins are the strongest Knights in Lyonesse, they all bare the mark of the seven beasts for there past crimes


Before becoming known as knights of the kingdom of Liones, the Seven Deadly Sins were seven criminals who had each committed a heinous crime and had the symbol of seven beasts carved onto their bodies. The group served directly under the Great Holy Knight Zarthas. None of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins are of the same race.

Despite their past, the Seven Deadly Sins were widely respected for their accomplishments. This changed, however, after they were framed for the murder of Zarthas and branded as traitors after heeding the call to meet him. After all of the knights surrounded the castle, Merlin attacked Meliodas and knocked him unconscious after he ordered everyone to disperse. Not much else is known.

Now that the Holy Knights have taken over the Kingdom of Lioness and imprisoned the King, Princess Elizabeth Liones is searching desperately for the Seven Deadly Sins to hep defeat them.


NameSymbolAbilityJob at Boar HatSin
MeliodasDragon's Sin of WrathFull CounterOwnerFailed to protect Dalnor and its citzens. Officially, it is reported that he destroyed the city after being lost in his wrath.
DianeSerpent's Sin of EnvyCreationWaitressUnknown
BanFox's Sin of GreedSnatchChefTook the blame for destroying Fairy Kings Forest and killing its guardian Elaine for immortality.
KingGrizzly's Sin of SlothDisasterCommercial AgentPunished for not knowing about Helbram's mass murder of humans over a period of five hundred years despite being the Fairy King.
GowtherGoat's Sin of LustInvasionNoneUnknown
MerlinBoar's Sin of GluttonyUnknownNot joinedUnknown
EscanorLion's Sin of PrideUnknownNot joinedUnknown


There are the seven laws of the Seven Deadly Sins. Only one of these laws have been revealed.

Law #3 - A sin shall ask no questions of another member's sin.

Sacred Treasures

When the group was formed, the King of Liones entrusted each member with a Sacred Treasure that is compatible with their respective powers. A Sacred Treasure is able to bring out more power of the wielder than an ordinary weapon.


Sold it for money to afford the Boar Hut.


Regained it during the Holy Knight's assault on Byzel after she lost it.

BanUnknownStolen after being imprisoned at Baste Dungeon.
KingChastiefolWith Owner
GowtherTwin-Bow HerrittWith Owner
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1st manga book: The Seven Deadly Sins #1
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