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Nanatsu no Taizai can sometimes prove to be a difficult manga to follow on a weekly basis; and it has nothing to do with how satisfactory the various individual chapters can be, because the manga is fairly consistently action packed, delivering thrilling pages each and every week.

Yet there is something to be said about the amount of action in any given Nanatsu no Taizai chapter; because the mangaka clearly knows how to pack as much action as he can into each weekly collection of 21 pages, keeping the fights fast paced by cramming as much action into each panel as is humanly possible.

But it could be argued that the amount of action presented stifles actual story progression, of which we get very little in a number of recent chapters. Admittedly the manga avoids Bleach’s pitfalls, which can sometimes prove to be too brief for one’s liking, with Kubo wasting so many panels on irrelevant shots (which Bleach is actually famous for) instead of moving his various plots along.

Bleach’s failures are considerably greater because with Kubo even the fight can stagnate, with only one event (sometimes even less than that) occurring in each chapter and creating a feeling of waste. And by one event, I mean reading a chapter in which a character swings his sword once in all 21 pages to deliver a devastating attack and that’s it, the rest of the panels (usually coming before this final scene) wasted on various shots of the battle field and lengthy stares.

Anyway, The Seven Deadly Sins; Arthur and Meliodas finally meet and are now standing side by side, fighting against Hendricksen and Gilthuder. We learnt something important about Gil in the last few chapters, something about his being related to someone very important, I can’t remember.

Either way I was far from moved by chapter 76; honestly the King/Diana stuff was so much more interesting than this. Sure it was great action but nothing really happened, besides the revelation that Elizabeth’s sister, Margaret, was actually being incarcerated of her own free will- which doesn’t interest me much.

At this point Hawk’s story might prove to be a much more interesting plot than the Hendricksen/Meliodas brawl.

+RATING: 4/10, not a bad chapter, only I wasn’t greatly entertained.


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