The Secret of twilight Gemini

The Secret of twilight Gemini is an anime movie in the Lupin III Franchise
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This movie has all the regluar people you expect in lupin. The lupin the III master thieif. Jigen sharp shooter and lupin right hand man. Fujiko a women who would do anything for money. Goemon a master samurai. Also a part of lupin team. For course inspector zenigata here also. A man who has been chaseing lupin of years.
This story start when a old enemy and he look like he's on his death bed. Give him half of the diamond of the twilight. Then he tells him that the other half of the diamond is in morocco and that he should go their and fine it and when he dose it openness a treasure of immeasurable value that is also in morocco. This of course is not going to be easy. He's ever step is being followed by Masked assassins,and a old enemy of Goemon whos part of the assassins.

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General Information Edit
Name: The Secret of twilight Gemini
Release Date: Aug. 20, 2004
Release Date: Aug. 2, 1996
Rating: R
Runtime: 90 (mins)
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