The Secret Hidden on the Backs - Luffy and the Snake Princess Meet

The Secret Hidden on the Backs - Luffy and the Snake Princess Meet is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 08/02/2009

Amazon Lily Arc

The Secret Hidden on the Backs - Luffy and the Snake Princess Meet - 背中に隠された秘密 遭遇ルフィと蛇姫 (Senaka ni Kakusareta Himitsu. Souguu Rufi to Hebihime)

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The empress Boa Hancock has returned to Amazon Lily, and she can be forgiven of anything. She has a chance to relax, but what is it on the backs of Boa Sisters that is so secret that they guard so fiercely?
— FUNimation


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"Share the World!" by TVXQ

Episode Synopsis

Boa Hancock and the Kuja Pirates have returned to Amazon Lily. The Kuja Pirates are getting a heroes welcome.

Boa is met by an attendant and she asks if anything has happened in her absence. She notices that the attendant is hiding something when she answers, "No".

The Kuja Amazons are organizing the bounty they collected. Elder Nyon appears to ask if any books were claimed. Ran hands her the paper she got from the Marines. The headlines catch her attention.

At the Kuja Palace, Boa Hancock is brought up to date by Enishida. the most precious jewel of the trip was set aside for her. She takes the glimmering little gem, and tosses it over her shoulder.

It's then that she notices a statue made of clay in the main hall. It's a gift from the school children. It's suppose t be a model of her. Hancock looks at it, and knocks it to the ground, causing it to shatter. She finds the comparison disgusting.

Hancock moves along and wants to know why the warriors weren't present to greet her. Enishida lies that they are chasing a troublesome "monkey".

Elsewhere on the island, Luffy is swinging through the trees like a monkey. He's spotted and Kikyo takes a shot at him with the Haki infused arrows.

Luffy falls into the river, but is saved accidentally by a large sea creature from the river diving up and carrying Luffy with it. the fish is now dragging him down river.

Back at the palace, Enishida tries to reassure Hancock that the warriors will return soon. Just as Hancock gets comfortable. Elder Nyon enters. She wants to speak about the Marine ship anchored far off shore. She knows they have come, because Hancock was called to duty. Nyon wants to know why she's ignoring the bargain made with the World Government.

Boa Hancock makes the sound of a young girl and tries to say she's scared. It works on Nyon for a second.

Nyon knows that if the deal made with the World Government was to collapse the whole island and everyone in it would be in serious peril.

Nyon removes her crystal ball. Supposedly her predictions are 200% correct. She sneaks in front of the ball and writes "Go" with a brush on the ball.

Angered, Hancock orders Nyon thrown out. She's tired of listening to Nyon, who was the ex-empress of Amazon Lily three generations ago.

Hancock says that even is Amazon Lily was destroy. Everyone would forgive her. She's says it's because she is...beautiful.

Hancock accuses Nyon of being a traitor, because generations ago she abandoned the village. Nyon says that's why she lives on the outskirts of the village, and Hancock tells her to return. She takes Nyon by the hair and throws her out the window.

Nyon lands hard crashing into a crate, but she landed on her feet.

Back in the palace, Hancock commands the order be given out that she will be taking her bath. An alert goes over the village that Boa Hancock is taking her bath. Everything in the village seems to stop. Everyone is ordered to leave the castle. the gates are closed and a barrier is put up around the castle with guards are each point.

A little girl ask Ran why Hancock takes her baths in such secrecy. Ran tells her girl the secret of the Gorgon Sisters.

Ran says that the Gorgon Sisters once defeated a demon, but the price was they were cursed with eyes on their backs. That if anyone were to look into them would be turned to stone. They take baths in secret to protect the village.

Outside the village, Luffy is still being dragged along the river by a huge fish. It leaps out of the water and Luffy is knocked free. He lands, but is bitten by snakes. Luffy's scream draws attention.

He's running and is actually going so wild. He's running up the side of the mountain. Eventually, the snakes fall off.

Luffy has made it back to the outskirts the the village. Luffy remembers that Margaret said there was a pirate ship on this island. Luffy thinks to borrow it, but he knows without Nami. He will just drift around. Now, he wants to ask for a ride. he knows he needs to ask someone important, and important people live in the biggest building.

Luffy spots a large building right bellow and drops inside when the rook collapses. It's the palace.

Luffy falls in water and thinks he's drowning until he realizes it's shallow bath water. Through the steam Luffy sees someone. He sees what is on her back, and he thinks he recognizes it.

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Eiichiro Oda Concept Artist Eiichiro Oda is the creative mind behind the popular manga/anime One Piece series.


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