The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby

The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby is an anime episode of Space☆Dandy that was released on 01/11/2014
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Dandy and Meow go in search of a so-called phantom ramen dish created by an other-dimensional being.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby
RomajiMaboroshi no Uchū Rāmen o Sagasu jan yo
TV Air Date
January 12, 2014
January 11, 2014
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
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End Card
Dandy and Meow squabble in the scanner
Dandy and Meow squabble in the scanner

Dandy finally gets to the front of the line at the alien-hunting office, only to discover that the alien he caught isn't considered rare enough for payment. Frustrated, he shoves Meow into the scanner, and receives the same response before being shot out of the space station.

Back on the Aloha Oe, Dandy decides to grab a snack, only to find that all his food has been taken by Meow. He accuses Meow of doing nothing but eating his food and hugging a dakimakura all day, and goes to launch him out an airlock when Meow announces that he has heard about "Phantom Space Ramen" that is rumoured to be so delicious, the flavor must have been created by an unknown alien species.

Dandy decides to play along, and sets off in search of the special ramen with Meow. First, with a stop at Boobies, where another alien points him to a Ra-sta, a "Space Ramen Station" nearby. Meanwhile, Dr. Gel continues his search for Dandy, using "Gogol Galaxy Street View" to search the entire galaxy.


As Meow and Dandy explore different ramen shops, Meow starts taking pictures and posting them on a twitter-like social network. At one point, QT mentions that they have no money after spending it at so many ramen shops, so Dandy tries to convince a human lady nearby to give him some money.

Suddenly, Dandy is attacked by alien soldiers, but the lady single-handedly beats them all and leaves, giving her name as Scarlet. While Dandy and Meow continue going to new ramen shops, the soldiers appear quicker and quicker, forcing the crew to flee each time. Soon, Dandy and QT discover that Meow's social media habits are leading the soldiers right to them, and Dandy tosses Meow's phone out an airlock.

Dandy eats ramen in another dimension
Dandy eats ramen in another dimension

Finally, at another ramen bar, Meow proclaims they have found the Phantom Space Ramen. Dandy fights his way through the chefs behind the counter to find their secret and accidentally discovers a wormhole into another dimension where an alien ramen chef has been tending an abandoned stall for 10,000 years. He perfected his craft after eating a bowl of ramen on Earth following the tragic death of his girlfriend. QT pops up to warn Dandy that the wormhole will be closing soon, so Dandy quickly finishes his ramen and runs, while Meow takes a full bowl and spills it on the way back.

Dandy and Meow manage to make it back into the shop that they trashed, where QT is waiting, but ignore QT's question about finding the rare space alien.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Shinichiro Watanabe Director Anime director.
Yoshiyuki Ito Character Artist/Designer
Shingo Natsume Director Japanese Animator
Dai Sato Writer
Sayo Yamamoto Storyboard
Yoko Kanno Music Yoko Kanno is a Japanese musical composer for anime and video games.
Hiroyuki Aoyama Animation Director


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